Make Money From Home – Check Out the “Why”s of your Business  

Article by Lillian Cornelius

Do you sometimes sit down with pen and paper and write out your life goals and in particular your reasons and goals for making money from home? I hope you do. I have been scanning the Internet recently and found what seems to be a good forum with good thoughts which I have found helpful. And one of them was reminding us to know the “why”s of our decision to work out of our homes. I’ll share the name of the forum with you at the end of this article.

In thinking about the reasons why we want to make money online. I’m sure you have your list. Write it down. The bottom line is probably that we want control of your financial life in these uncertain financial days. I’m going to share some of my reasons here.


1. To enjoy retirement without money worries and to make a happy and stress free life for my husband.

2. To help my grandchildren go to college – I have 11 of them and this will take a few dollars.

3. To travel to some of the places in the world I’m interested in and visit friends there. India is on my list.

4. To follow up on a project I have for widows and orphans in Africa. Many are quite young with several children.

5. To send each grandchild a special gift on their birthdays.


1. I don’t want to pay interest on credit cards ever again.

2. I don’t want my family to worry that I might not be able to pay the expenses of living longer.

3. I don’t want to feel that I cannot buy flowers for someone I love or purchase a little gift because the budget is so tight.

These are not exactly lofty reasons, but for me they are important and still valid, and will continue to motivate me to work hard every day to achieve my plan to be totally out of debt in the next year. In a nutshell that’s why I have a make money from home business. Then I want to have more expendable cash on hand for things I would like to do and causes I would like to take up. Traveling to those exotic places that are out of reach now is a future goal. I am willing to work hard now while I have strength and motivation and in the process learn things I would otherwise have never learned. It helps to keep my brain active. I hope you will write out your list too.

Here’s the name of the person you should look up on the internet. It is Lynn Terry and she has a free forum which will no doubt give you some ideas and helpful thoughts. I will continue to find more forums of common interest.I hope writing out your list will give you a morale boost as you continue to work at your home-based business.

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Lillian Cornelius is a freelance writer and online researcher.

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