Learn How to Make Money on the Internet Blogging  

Article by Alex Jenkins

You will find a lot of methods on how to make money on the internet. Blogging is just one of the many approaches that you can explore that will surely be a lucrative venture for you.

Blog came from the term Web Log in reference to an online journal where you log your entries. It was soon shortened to Blog. A blog site will display the latest entries at the top, normally on the homepage. Aas you scroll down you will be able to read the oldest entries. Blogs can be about anything and can feature about celebrities, parenting, teaching, humor, cooking, fitness, news or sports. It is your own personal real estate on the Internet and there is no monitoring of content.

How to Make Money on the Internet by Blogging

Well known blogs acquire thousands of views daily. The traffic that is generated by a popular blog is turned to cash through advertising. This will probably be a complex thing if you are new to this, but this is really an easy one.

The main revenue streams of majority of the blogs are:

* Ad-boxesGoogle Adsense and Yahoo! Publishing

* Contextual AdsIntelitxt and Kontera

* Affiliate ProgramsAmazon, eBay, ClickBank and Shopping.com

* Text LinksWork directly with other businesses in your niche and sell them direct text links.

* Direct sales of your own products

How much would you earn through blogging?

Some blogs are really lucrative and you will be surprised that they can earn 6 figures in a year. However, the amount that you will gain will depend on some factors such as:

* Luck

* Longevity

* Determination

* Marketing

* Quality and quantity of the information in your blog

* Blogger’s expertise

For beginners, blogs can be a good start for you to venture in making money online. This will become your stepping stone to decide if internet marketing or working online is for you.

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