Learn How To Make Money as an Affiliate – and actually be Succesful!  

Article by K. Geiser

Most people have no idea where to start when it comes to making money online. When I started, I spent a lot of time (and money) purchasing numerous e-books and programs from all these so called internet wise guys to learn how to make money as an affiliate.

An affiliate marketer is someone who sells a product or service and in return for each program or service the affiliate sells, they receive a commission. This sounds easy, however making more money than you spend is a challenge. To make money as an affiliate takes patience, dedication, and a bit of internet marketing know how.

So how does one learn how to make money as an affiliate and earn a true income online?

To earn money as an affiliate, you need to educate yourself on the ins and outs of internet marketing and building an internet business. There are some really good courses available (and some bad ones) that reveal the tricks the successful internet marketers have been hiding for years. You could spend thousands of dollars testing the waters (like I did), or you can check out an actual program that gives you the tools and support to be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate University is your one-stop Internet Marketing resource where you will find detailed instructions on how to earn significant profits online. Their system includes guides, tutorials, case studies, online courses, support, coaching and many other tools to help you succeed at making money online.

Internet Marketing is one of the only businesses that you can start with under 0.00 and make over 10,000/month within the first year and you get to work from the comfort of you own home! The Wealthy Affiliate University gives you all of the tools, resources, and support channels that you need to become successful online.

What is the affiliate marketing secret for novice affiliate marketing?

You need to find a good mentor. The owners of the Wealthy Affiliate provide a detailed action plan to help you succeed. Anyone that applies themselves will succeed. I was amazed at the amount of information and help they provide. They take you by the hand and provide detailed step by step instructions. The Wealthy Affiliate also includes an eight week action plan, learning center, and forum. Carson and Kyle provide one on one mentoring. They also have free hosting and Site Cubix, so you can build a website very quickly with no html experience.

The Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer. Anyone can succeed if you follow their plan and work at it. The forum is great because successful members are always answering questions and posting useful tips.

So the question is are you wealthy yet? Find out what you are missing!

About the Author

If you have bought more than 3 books on affiliate marketing and still aren’t making the money you would like, maybe you realize there are some things you just can’t learn from a book! Riding a bike…How to kiss…and affiliate marketing are all way easier to learn with a coach or partner!

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