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Article by Mark S.

Hi i guess you found this article on Iphone money-how to make money with iphone? Here´s a little about how to repair an iphone and make money..

First of all you have to ask your self if there´s any profit repairing iphones?Lets put it this way – Over 2,300,000 iPhones are broken each year and the number is steady rising because of the simple reason that Apple is launching new series of iPhones about every 2-years or less, right now it´s the iPhone 4 thats on the hot spot but right around the corner is the new iPhone 5.

The common repair costs around 0 when performed at the Apple Store. The same repair, done by an independent iPhone repair person will cost around . The iPhone repairer earns about for a 30 minutes or less job.Thats not bad money during these times of our bad economy, is it?

The iPhone is a fragile thing, try sticking one in your pocket and sit on it! You´ll hate the outcome..Whats worse is that they are a slippery little bastards too… it’s the easiest thing to watch one “fly” out of your hands and straight on the curb or down a set of stairs.

The most common outcome is that you´ll have a cracked screen. Because of the way the phone is constructed, it’s just easier and makes more sense to replace the glass and digitizer. The question now is how to?

On the internet you´ll find marketers who want to make a quick buck and because of that they’ll post a quick repair video and they themselves sell you a part.


You CAN do it yourself,it will maybee cost you three times the whole sale value of the part. In the end it will cost just a little less than taking the iphone into an independent iPhone repair place.

The videos you´ll find on youyube or google will have a lot of negative comments, because of just having the part, and then watching a quick and often careless video won’t make you an iPhone repairer. END OF STORY! On the other hand what WILL make you able to do it yourself is only detailed instruction, “live help” and practice.Click Here! to find out more

I can almost guarantee you that once you take the steps you´ll need to learn how to repair an iphone your business will sky rocket!

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Mark S. is an iPhone entusiast and loves to help people on iphone FAQ.Did you find this article about how to Making money with iphone-review useful?If you want to learn a lot more about Iphone money-how to make money with iphone Click Here!

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