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Article by Margot-Helena Kasari

Blogging initially started out as on-line journal where people could post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies. But today blogs have become a big source of income and not just the hobby to many people. Considering the ways how to make money online blogging is definitely one of the first and it also comes highly recommended among different web promotion methods.

Generally blogs are the elaborative views of different people, about a theme or a topic in different languages. People have got an option to write in their own mother language and share the thoughts with everyone else. The sooner your blog is noticed and becomes famous among different people, the quicker you can start making money with it.

Making your blog stand out among the hundreds of thousands of others and having your blog found by as many people as possible has now become a business on its own, which requires you to take some actions to survive on the market and get noticed. You need to update your blog regularly with some fresh and original content. Depending on your personal availability you can do it on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Whichever the interval you choose, you need to stick to it. Don’t write 7 posts every day during your first week of blogging and then leave your blog for weeks without any new content at all.

The more you update your blog with fresh, original and interesting information, the bigger the chance for getting a higher rank in different search engines, hence the chance for organic traffic. Remember, your aim is to get noticed and then get the attention and then preserve the interest. If you update your blog regularly with good content, you will soon have a loyal audience coming back to your blog on a regular basis to read your next posts. So first you need to worry about getting traffic to your blog – getting your blog noticed – and then you need to turn these people into your fans by offering the answers to their questions, giving useful tips and advice and keeping it coming frequently.

There are many different ways of making money from blogging. You can publish adsense or other ads on your blog. You can review and/or promote different affiliate opportunities. If your blog becomes well-known, people will be coming to you asking if you could advertise their site or product on your blog or if you’d be interested in doing a review. So your blogs can benefit you in a lot of different ways. You can use your posts to promote your other sites, promote your products, or promote someone else’s products as an affiliate. You can also use your blog for list-building – add a subscription form on your blog, where your readers can sign up for your newsletter, free tips or anything else you can offer them.

How much money you could make with your blog depends largely on the amount of traffic you get daily. The best blogs with tens of thousands of daily hits could make tens of thousands of dollars per month only from blogging. To keep this earning constant and increasing it over time, people need to put in the effort, like posting interesting content every day, adding the URL of their blog to different blog directories, pinging their blog after every new post and lots of bookmarking and digging on the daily basis. They also need regular comments on their posts. There are some useful tools for doing some of these tasks automatically or semi-automatically. All this makes them updated and ranking higher in Google and other search engines, since the search engines love blogs.

If your blog is getting near the top, a good way of making money from blogging is paid reviews – other people would ask you to write a review for their blog, website or product and would pay for that. They would benefit from your massive traffic and you would get paid for your time and effort.

Blogging is a very popular way of making money online. The main reason for that is that it is free and simple, so you could start from scratch and get very far without spending a dime on it. There are several ways how to create a blog – lots of them free and very simple to use. Have a look at Blogger or WordPress and you’ll have your blog setup in minutes. However, there is huge competition in this market and to succeed in the blogging business, you need to be prepared to work hard. You need to put in all the effort required to succeed, otherwise you will never make any money from blogging. So when you’ve decided to start blogging, prepare yourself for a serious job. It will be very rewarding in the end, but first you need to get there.

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Margot-Helena Kasari is a mother, project manager, translator, law student, business owner and Internet marketer.

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