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Article by Hunter Hill

To research how millionaire empires were made in the past will give youan insight to making yourself a millionaire, or at least make a lot ofmoney at home. Unless you were born with money in the family or youhave just become an heir to the throne or an heir to millions, then let’slook at the time around the 1900’s so we can understand how we can dothe same thing at home.There were so many things going on that it is hard to put into one neatpackage. Since I am speaking to you about how to make money athome, I will keep this artilce about how millionaires were made at thattime. And there were so many financial empires started that you reallycan not count them.Millionaires were made because of 2 things, #1 was having people workunder you and #2 was having something people would buy that waseasily duplicated over and over again. Number 1 isn’t that much of achange from the history of mankind. Kings and businessmen have donethat for thousands of years. But when you add it to #2 you have a goldmine started. One man can only do so much. There was and still is only24 hours a day. But if you could help that man working under you andyour business do the same production of a product quicker and with thesame result and with precision every time, now you have something.In comes Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Henry Ford put together anassembly line {which had been done for thousands of years} that couldduplicate the production of the same thing over and over again withprecision to get the same product every time. His buddy, Thomas Edison,gave Henry the means with which to accomplish this procedure -electricity. The one person that could only produce so much in one daycould now produce 10-100 times as much as before in the same timeperiod. So the one car being made could now be made over and overagain with precision very quickly.Here is where you come in. Duplication and electricity are right now atyour fingertips. The Internet gives you the ability to work with thousandsof people under you and you can duplicate your work so that everyperson that has access to the Internet can see what you have to offer.Your computer is your piece of equipment…. your own assembly line ifyou will, so that you can create your own online robots……. {what I calleBots}.The means with which to show and sell your product from home startswith Mr. McConnell. David H. McConnell, basically the founder of Avon,started what is know as the Multi-Level Marketing system for direct sales.This he started in the late 1800’s. It is a company that has made moremillionaires than any other company in the history of mankind. I am notrecommending you to become an Avon salesperson, I am just telling youthat with MLM [Multi-Level Marketing], you can do what Henry Ford andDavid McConnell did at the beginning of the 1900’s in your home basedbusiness. Imagine accomplishing the same exact thing that Mr. Ford did,becoming a millionaire – becoming wealthy, right in your own home. Tohave thousands of people working under you can be accomplished withMLM. Brilliant!Now what product should you be selling online with your MLM? You canvisit my main company by clicking below. I don’t know much aboutperfume, being a man I can appreciate it but I don’t know much about it.So my main company works with gold & silver. My saying is this…. Don’tbuy stuff, buy money. Gold & silver will always be valuable, an emptyperfume bottle won’t be.Make as much money as you can so you can give away as much moneyas you can – but start at home.Hunter Hill& the eBots, call me 1-619-272-3173Make eBots – Let me show you how to get more leads than you will knowwhat to do with. You need people… MLM is Easy. MAIN COMPANY,click here.

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