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Article by Kenneth Scott

Steps How To Make Money Online In Orlando FloridaIf you really want to quick your day job and make a real living online then you must and I will say it again YOU MUST implement these vital steps. I have found that most people overlook these very critical steps how to make money online. Find Yourself a “Hot Niche” The most powerful “secret” you will ever learn about creating wealth online is to find out what people really want A variation on this is to sell people what they need. But you won’t make a fraction of the dough you’ll make by just selling people what they WANT! Hot selling topics we call a niche. A niche means a narrow space and in Internet marketing that’s good.. You don’t want to broadcast yourself all over the internet selling “electronics” or televisions. Sony and Panasonic can do it because they have $ billions to throw at it. But you’d do far better to narrow it down to a small corner of the market, like iPod extras, TV convertors (NTSC to PAL and back) or DVD region code breakers. Get the idea?In your hunt for a hot niche, it’s good to start with the real world for research. You can find out a lot about what’s going on by reading newspapers and journals, listening to drive-time radio or watching the news on TV.Just one word of advice: go with something you know about, not just what’s big. Your interest and passion will show through and, more to the point, you will get to answer questions about the products and you can sound real educated! Find products that you are interested in or passionate about because it will be easy to write articles and blog about your passions. If you want to know how to make money quick online then your interest and passions in light of what is selling is the key.The important thing you need to know is that people are buying in that niche. How will you know? Actually, it’s relatively easy to find out. There are several websites will provide you with plenty of research material. Number one, as always, is Google. Google Zeitgeist (zeitgeist means “spirit of the times” in German): You can click on the zeitgeist for any country in the world.Also, from there, click on hot trends; this will list the 100 top searches for that day! Awesome!Next comes Yahoo. Check out It has a top 10 searches, updated hourly.Lycos top 50 too is great, with a hot list for the week: http://50.lycos.comA surprise tool is eBay but, Hey, if anybody knows what people are buying, it’s eBay, right? Check the eBay pulse: http://pulse.ebay.comeBay also puts out a hotlist report each month: You will need an eBay account to access this.Next, if anybody knows what people are really interested in (to the extent of buying and book and reading about it), then it’s Amazon you’ve scoped out a niche, then it’s time to get to work with a keyword generator. Think about this: Suppose we gave you the exact steps how to make money online. How much would that information be worth to you? Bookmark this blog because that’s exactly what we are about to do, for free, give you a step-by-step guide to how to make money online immediately. You probably are asking yourself why would we give it to you for free when everybody else is charging a arm and a leg for the information. Stay tune because we will give you the answer in our next post. You will love it! There is a explosive free seminar in Orlando, Florida on August the 1-3. Hosted by to internet marketing experts Gary Ambrose and Keith Wellman. There is only 20 seats left for info . Also check out this great SEO Site You Will Not Believe Your Eyes.

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