If You Wonder How To Make Money From Home, Plan Your Website   

Article by Juhani Tontti

Yes, if you dream how to make money from home, the solution is, plan it. When I thought how can I make some extra money online, I realized that the planning is the answer. I had to put on paper the purpose, the uniqueness and the target audience of my website in order to make money from home.

Actually the planning is an ongoing process, like a circle, where you get more ideas for your big question of how to make money from home, which you then adapt to the business plan. Planning how to make money online is like life, it never stops.

1. Decide The Purpose Of Your Website.

This is an absolute first step and gives an answer why you are online. To get buyers, to get subscribers, to share information, to distribute a free report, to collect names to your optin list or why? The purpose defines the role of your website in your business process and also the roles of other elements, like autoresponder, PPC advertising, blogging etc.

When you think ways to make money online, you have to decide what kind of calls to action you use and on which parts of the marketing mix. This is important because some parts have the roles of preselling, some just build credibility and some element makes the reader to do something.

2. Research Your Ideal Clients And Their Needs And Behaviours.

A simple answer to the question of <u>how to make money from home</u> is, know your target audience. That gives you lots of information for website building, for content creation and for the tools you want to use as mediums.

A good thing is that your own nature, experiences and marketing style is close to those of your core target audience. The narrower audience you find, the better. Remember that your expertize will be built on a very special things. That is one secret on how to make money from home.

3. Target Your Content To The Ideal Target Group.

With the term ideal I mean people, who you have thought to be the ideal target group, i.e. who will behave like you have thought they will. Truth well told is the right advertising strategy. You have to tell your messages in a very positive way and to offer the greatest benefit right in the headline. The visitor promise is the most important thing, which will drive away some but attract the right target audience, which you need.

4. Use Copy, Which Is From The World Of The Target Audience.

How to make money online? Answer to the needs of your target audience both rationally and emotionally. There is a great difference, whether you target to newbies or experienced target audience. Even the copy looks totally different.

5. Dramatize The Uniqueness Of Your Website.

Truth well told is a great guideline in order to dramatize your website. The key thing is to be able to stand out from the crowd. To be able to do that, you have two elements in use, your promise and your style to dramatize that. With these you can make money, even residual income, over and over again.

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