How to make money with social networking sites  

Article by Christopher Roth

I have like many others tried to figure out How to make money with social networking sites. There seems to be alot of opinions out there on just how to do this. Most of what I found did not seem to be very usefull. Of course all of those that claimed they had the answer I was looking for came with a hefty price. So… What to do.

Now on my quest of looking for cheap or even better free ways to accomplish this, I came across something very interesting. The big social sites like Facebook and Twitter are making a lot of revenue from all of the ad’s and apps. Wow, I quess I should of known that.

Now while on this search I found a PTC (pay to click) site I like. No cost of course. Now one day I clicked on an ad and along popped up my ad as usual, But this one was a little different.

It was a Social networking site. But this site wanted to do something a little different than those other social networking sites. They wanted to share that ad revenue with thier users. As a matter of fact they pay back 70% of thier ad revenue back to thier users.

At first I was very sceptical. But I decided to try it out. It was free so why not at the very worst I would just close my account. Well since then I have become very attached to this site. Not only do you get paid for doing basic things like google searches, checking email, and playing games, you also get paid for what the people do who sign up with your link, for life, for free. Not only that you also get paid for who they sign up, and who they sign up and who they sign up, I think you get the picture. There is free training and everything else you would expect from a social netwotking site plus so much more. I will be doing this for life.

So in conclusion I guess the answer to How to make money with social networking sites is to find a better site. I hope to see you there!!!

About the Author

A student of various marketing technics used on the internet. A lot of studing and reviewing and a lot of money and have discoveed the best ways are free. Or at least cheap.

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