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What is Google adsense : this is a ppc(pay per click network) advertising program owned by Google inc. To use this network, you need to open an account with Google online. Once you registered, you will be given a unique html code that you will paste on your website or blog. As soon as you do this,sGoogle will start displaying ads(adsense advert on your website).How do you make money online with this network program?. Anybody can use this network as soon as you have signed up and pasted the HTML code, Google gave you during registration. The issue of earning money from this network depend largely on traffic. Traffic are the number of visitors to your website daily. How does it work?. Once a visitor to your site click on any of this ads, you earn money without purchasing any product from Google. This is why it’s called pay per click. Hmmm, that sound good, but the amount you earn per click is less than 0.5 cent, this is why traffic is the essential key here for earning cash with Google adsense. How long will it take for you to start earning with this program?. you start earning the very first day you registered with Google. However, the money you earn is very small. You cannot earn 0 to 00 the very first month you start if you are really a “newbie online entrepreneur”. Am not in any way discouraging from the program, but to set your mind up for reality. However, they are webmaster making thousands of dollars monthly from this program, but they did not get there overnight. How do you get paid? Google pays you monthly depending on how much you have earned at the end of the month through paypal or check. Be warned not to spend your hard earn money on “get rich quick” package because there are no such program online. Other ppc network are yahoo publisher, and clicksor.for more information,please visit

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