How To Make Money With Clickbank–The Fist step Is Decide What You Want.  

Article by Brad Thurston

I hear these questions from people all the time, “Where do I get started?” “What do I do first?” “Do I need a website?” “Do I need to create my own product?”

I answer their question with another question. “What do you want from your online business?” I say.

They usually can’t answer this. Or their answers are unclear.

I believe the first step to getting started online isn’t getting a website, or building an email list, or creating a product. I believe the first step is getting absolutely clear about what you want from your business.

The great Zig Ziglar often asks, “How can you hit a target, if you don’t know what the target is?” Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it?

I was working at a job I couldn’t stand, for a boss I couldn’t stand even more. I was miserable. I was putting in a ton of hours a week. I never saw my family. Yet, despite all the hours, I was broke. There always seemed to be more month at the end of the money!

Then I discovered the internet. I saw there were people who were making good incomes, working from home, and having the time freedom to do what they wanted. I got excited. I knew that’s what I wanted.

So I did what alot of “newbies” do–I bought all the ebooks. I purchased the ecourses. I attended the seminars. After awhile of doing this, I realized I was spending alot of money I didn’t have, but I hadn’t gotton started yet.

That’s when I decided to get clear about what I really wanted from my online business.

I got a spiral notebook, got in my car, and drove to the city park. I sat beneath a tree, opened my notebook, and I started writing.

After thinking about it for a time, I realized that the bottom line was I wanted to make money. That was the answer to get out of my job and work from home.

Things began to happen. I believe that when you get clear in your mind about what you want, the universe begins to help you get it. I came across an ebook that changed my online life. It was written by a high school student named Eddie Tyschkevich. He showed me a step-by-step, 1-2-3 system that was a so simple to follow. Within an hour I had my own internet business. I was making money that same day!

But these things didn’t start happening until I got clear about what I wanted.

I suggest you do what I did. Get a spiral notebook and go somewhere by youself. Start really thinking about the end result you want from your business. Get clear about it. Once you figure out what you want, begin to focus on it. Think about it as much as you can. I’m no expert on how the mind works, but I do know that when you get clear about a goal, and you think about it all the time, that things sart happening to bring your desire into the physical world.

So get clear about what you want from your online business. This really is the first step.

About the Author

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