How To Make Money Trading Currency  

Article by Tyler Ziggler

I’m going to teach you how to make money trading currency. Currency trading isn’t a new business, but something that has been growing since the internet has moved into most people’s homes.

What is the first thing I need to do?

You need to go find a broker. A broker is a business that acts as the middleman. It holds your money and makes trades on your behalf. There are a lot of these on the internet, so you need to watch out for ones that are poor quality or even scams. There are plenty of good ones too. Finding out which ones are good requires a bit of research. Take the time to browse forex forums. Brokers are constantly talked about and you should get enough information to make a good decision.

I want to make my first trade, anything I should do before I start?

Well, assuming you dug up a strategy, the first thing you’d want to do is turn on the news. You’d be surprised at how much currency can be affected by the news. If economic forecasts or interest rate cuts are going to be announced, it’s probably best for you to wait to hear them, before you start trading. Often new traders will trade before they hear the news and end up losing their money.

How can I learn, but save myself from losing money?

You’re going to have a forex platform for trading. The majority of these will come with a demo account. All a demo account is, is just a way to make trades without using money. It’s a real live simulator in the market place except you’re not using money. You get to view actual live graphs and participate as if you were really making trades. It is an excellent tool to learn with.

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