How To Make Money Selling Information Products On Ebay  

Article by Samantha Milner

Think of a brick and mortar store that’s being visited by millions – yes, MILLIONS – of people each and every day.

Now, think about selling a product in this store. Surely, your chances of succeeding and making tons of profit would be high, given the traffic that the store generates, right?

The problem is, where can you get products to sell?

Well, any successful businessman will tell you that the best products to sell are your own, and on eBay – the online version of that megastore that’s being visited by millions of potential customers per day – you can easily sell products which you can easily create. These products don’t require a fortune to create. If you have the right skills, you can even create them at zero cost.

Best of all, by selling these products – your own products – you get to keep ALL the profit.

Allow me to teach you one of the most lucrative earning opportunities on the internet. Allow me to teach you how to make money selling information products on eBay.

What are information products?

Basically, information products are digital works that convey particular pieces of information. An electronic book or eBook is an information product. A shorter version of an eBook, marketed as a special report, is a digital product. A video clip that aims to teach something is an information product. An audio file the attempts to accomplish the same thing is an information product.

Why should you learn how to make money selling information products on eBay? Consider the following benefits:

Information products are easy to create. If you have an important piece of information that people desire to know, you can put in writing and package your work as any of the product types mentioned above. Finding valuable information is easy. You can use conventional marketing techniques as well as online marketing tools like WordTracker to find topics that people want to know more about. You just need a modicum of writing skills to prepare an information product they will want to buy.

Information products require little financial investment. It is even possible to create an information product with zero budget if you’re already armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to see things through.

Information products can target a very hungry audience. Think of people suffering from panic attacks, women in their mid-30s who are getting desperate to have a baby, people in debt with foreclosures forthcoming, and others who are situated in similarly urgent situations. They will want the information you can offer, and they will want it fast. And they will be willing to pay for the same.

Information products are easy to deliver. Once a customer pays for the product, he can immediately download it and enjoy its content. No need for shipping procedures and costly shipping fees. No need for storage and expensive warehouse rates. No need to worry about lost shipments. Information products can be stored and downloaded digitally.

So, how to make money selling information products on eBay? Via the simple formula…

Low production cost + high demand = a lot of profit!

It must be noted, however, that eBay has prohibited the sale of digital products since late 2007. Any seller who will create an auction selling digital products will risk having his account suspended or even banned.

Does this mean that this piece about how to make money by selling information products on eBay is obsolete?


You can still sell information products on eBay and you can still make tons of profit from the same. You just have to store your information product on a CD or DVD which you will ship to the successful buyer. Just allow the buyer to download the product immediately after purchase as an option, and you will be able to go around the eBay prohibition.

Now that you know how to make money selling information products on eBay, all that is needed is for you to take action. Add some fantastic and guaranteed eBay techniques like the Wiggly Worm Method and you can ensure fantastic earnings as early as tomorrow!

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