How To Make Money Online With Forums  

Article by Robert Hathhorn

Have you been wondering how to make money online with forums? Forums are a great way to get a good discussion going on your favorite subject while making money with your membership fees.

What type of topics makes the best choice when you want to make money online with forums? Entertainment, movies, music, books, and other topics make a good choice.

Below are some ideas that might help get your mind centered on some movie ideas for some knowledge on how to make money online with forums in the entertainment field.

Some movies, and even careers, are defined by a single role in a hit movie. It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else filling any of the characters on this list’s shoes, let alone filling them as well. As you read this list try to imagine these actors inhabiting the roles of these characters that we’ve grown to love so well. Some of them are absolutely terrible.

Will Smith as NeoTo me, this would not have worked. Keanu Reeves played this character so cold and monotone, and with Will Smith’s reputation for being funny, I can’t imagine that none of that would have come through. This movie would have been so drastically different in tone that I feel like it would have hurt this film. It would have become just another Will Smith movie, and I feel like it would have went the way of the mediocre movie, much like Hancock, and no one would remember it two years later.

Mel Gibson in GladiatorThis is the one choice on this list that might have worked. Pre-crazy Mel Gibson was a pretty bad dude. Russell Crowe was perfect, but I think Mel would have given him a run for his money. Think about it. Braveheart and Gladiator are not wildly different characters. In a way, it’s like instead of beheading William Wallace they just made him enter gladiator fights in ancient Rome.

Jack Nicholson as the GodfatherHere’s how Jack explained turning down this iconic role, “”I knew ‘The Godfather’ was going to be a great film, but at that time I believed Indians should play roles written for Indians and Italians should do the same.” He was already a gigantic star at the time, and turning down that role obviously didn’t hurt his career, but just think how much different those movies would have been with him.

Christopher Walken as Han Solo

Han Solo is one of the greatest characters of all time because of his cocky nature and his quippy attitude. Christopher Walken in this role would have bombed. I’m not saying the movies would have been ruined, but it would have hurt them bad. Since the whole, “I know” line at the end of Empire was reportedly improv by Ford, we would have lost that great line too! Epic fail, Lucas. Thank you for casting Harrison Ford instead.

Did any of these ideas excite your emotions for how to make money online with forums?

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