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Article by Greg Spinner

How to make money online — now!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve purchased countless business opportunities, blueprints and courses, in an attempt to get your online money making business off the ground. Also, like me you’ve probably returned about 90% of these as unsuitable, unworkable or just downright poor. With some of them, the learning curve is just too steep, whilst with others, the volume of information provided means that you’ll have to spend weeks, if not months, reading and studying, just to find out how to make money online now. I recently made a pact with myself that I would return any course I bought if it didn’t at least allow me to make enough money to cover its cost by the end of the guarantee period. This may sound unfair on the poor old course creators but there’s no point me spending my hard-earned cash on something that won’t work for me. After all, I’m the one who’s got to make it work and if it doesn’t suit me and my particular set of skills, it’s no good to me!

You may have gathered from the above that I’m kind of picky and not a little careful when it comes to parting with my money. And that brings me to Alex Malave’s 0 in 15 days course, which I purchased a few days ago. I was initially impressed by his sales pitch, which was video based and distinctly different from the usual breathless, suspense-filled rhetoric we usually get. Alex comes across as a straightforward, down-to-earth guy and his message is also very simple and straight to the point. He gives you the facts about what it takes to be a successful online marketer, shows you how he walks the walk and tells you upfront the reasons why his course might not be for you. The video is only 8 minutes long and, to be honest, I had decided to buy it after about 3 minutes. This was helped by the fact that he is selling the course for a ridiculously small sum, gives a 60-day money back guarantee and also offers to give to 0 if you don’t succeed after following his instructions!

The course is web-based and you receive an email with a link to the members’ area as soon as you complete your payment. The website is simple and comprises a very simple step-by-step video based course. Simple doesn’t mean lacking in content though — far from it. There are really three courses in one here. First off, Alex takes you through setting up your own website quickly and then gets into ways to drive free traffic to it. He’s a very easy guy to listen to and he doesn’t waste any words or time. Sometimes the delivery does get a little quick but as it’s all on video, there’s no problem just replaying until you get the point.

The two bonuses that come with the course are ways of making affiliate income by using very quick and cheap paid methods of traffic generation. In fact, this article is part of my first attempt to use the instructions given in bonus number 1! I don’t think I will be giving too much away if I say that the hardest part of this method is registering for the many free video and social networking sites that this method uses! The second bonus method, which I will be trying next, involves the use of another cheap paid service. I’ve had a look at the video and it’s even easier than the first method!

During a time when it seemed like the courses I was being offered were getting more and more expensive, it was refreshing to be offered something at such a reasonable price. What is even more exciting is that the information in Alex’s “0 in 15″ course is so straightforward and to the point, you really can be online and making money within hours. I really do recommend you take a look at 0 in 15 days by clicking on link and discover very quickly how to make money online — now!

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