How to Make Money Online — 7½ Simple but HUGE Keys   

Article by Linda Scott

Ahhh, MONEY. Who doesn’t want more MONEY? We dream of rolling in sweet, prickly DOUGH! Having LOTS of money is a GIFT; one that eludes many crusaders.

Make no mistake — these keys are important! Master them first!

Millions of people are trying to make money online – and failing. The KEYS to making money on the Internet are simpler than you think! You need to WANT IT! Simple as that. (And you do NOT need all the gunk that people sell, but that’s another article.)

Here are those keys, in all their money making glory:

1. Making money online is 97% about YOU.

“97” is the percentage of people who FAIL at online businesses, and this article is largely to help you move into the 3%.

SO many people join online make money opportunities because they are promised by some greedy “mentor” they don’t have to do much. ‘Scuse me, but that’s DUMB.

There’s NO FREE RIDE. No worky, no make money!

Your journey to success in make money online is just that. Plan to be a How to Make Money student for a while. Make it your JOB to learn the skills you need. Stick with it and receive your MMM degree (Master of Making Money). It is SO WORTH IT.

2. Have a Dream

You must WANT something enough to work towards having it. Money can buy a better life, a college fund, time freedom, etc. The number 1 reason people fall into that 97% is they lack sufficient motivation.

Guess what. People facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc., are always in that 3%; they have the motivation to work and make money NOW. YOU must have a dream that excites your passion! You can have anything if you want it badly enough!

3. Build relationships

Do you do business with people you do not know, like and trust? Neither does anyone else! Making money on the Internet requires that you invest the time into building relationships. Get on the social networks. Stay in touch with everyone who visits your website.

My mentor (Mike), a big deal in Cash Gifting, tells a story about a prospect (“Joe”) he met early in his Cash Gifting endeavors. Joe wouldn’t take action; but Mike called him every 3-4 months. Joe joined Cash Gifting under Mike a YEAR later. He wanted see if Mike and Cash Gifting were going to stick around and become successful. (Mike has pulled in more than a Million in 15 months through Cash Gifting. Joe was impressed!)

4. Be Honest

Don’t BS people or exaggerate. People sense it! Choose a make money opportunity you believe in passionately!

And, you don’t want people joining your opportunity who will suck you dry wanting that ‘magic bullet’ to quick success that doesn’t exist. So, for your own sake, qualify people through honest disclosure.

5. Have Mentor Mentality

People need help getting started, and they have a right to KNOW they will receive real help – according to their budget and their abilities.

A knowledgeable, caring mentor is crucial to your success. You need to have one, and then you need to BE one.

6. Learn Leadership

This is one of the main reasons why getting started is so hard compared to increasing your success rate after you’ve gotten started. You lack real confidence that your make money opportunity will work. So, on a Leadership scale of 1-5, you are a 1 or 2, and you’ll have difficulty attracting people.

You attract people who are below you on the scale. These are the people who are hardest to help get going. It compounds the getting-started blues.

The answer to this dilemma is training. When YOU KNOW it’s possible and even probable (with the right tools) to make money, you will rise quickly on the Leadership Scale. A good mentor will help you with your first few prospects. They (your mentor) are TOPS on the Leadership Scale.

(A TEAM of mentors is awesome! Different mentors have different strengths to bring to the table. Ask about this within your mentor group, and develop your own team to be good mentors.)

7. Earn People’s Trust

Trust is the thing that actually can explode your make money opportunity.

* Trust is the confidence your prospect must have that you and your opportunity will be the foundation of their success to make money on the Internet.

* Before any prospect even SEES your website, there is an underlying distrust. You are selling something, and people don’t trust salespeople. And, more than likely, they’ve been snookered before.

* Building trust is EASY.

* We already talked about honesty. Your website should attract people who want to talk to you; after that, just be yourself. Don’t SELL, TELL. (Get your mentor to help!)* Be enthusiastic, but don’t Hype * Talk to people. Asking questions shows interest. What do they want? Maybe it’s not what you have. That’s ok! * Use real testimonials on your website. Get permission from people you have helped to share their email address with prospects who need assurances. VERY credible!

7½. Be Other focused – the final 1/2 Key to success in making money on the Internet

Okay, it’s just advice. Don’t be SELFISH! Sure, when you’re first starting out you have a burning need to make money yourself that you are focused on. But, to be successful, you have to care about others becoming successful, too. Otherwise, your true colors will shine through.

I can only speak from my own experience, and Cash Gifting is my gig. Because of the nature of Cash Gifting, it gave me the inherent power to help others. Cash Gifting is all about helping others and being blessed in return. I have written other articles that express the power, ethics and the GIFT that Cash Gifting can be. Judge for yourself.

Whatever your chosen path and make money opportunity is, these 7½ keys will truly help you find the right focus and path to success and prosperity.

About the Author

Linda Scott is an animal lover AND a seasoned cash gifter and passionate mentor. She has found the path to prosperity and can help anyone gain success in cash gifting if they have a dream and are willing to put forth the effort and stick with it. Check out the newest Cash Gifting opportunity at My information blog:

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