How to Make Money Online: 3 Deadly Sins to Avoid  

Article by Susan Friedmann

Type “How to Make Money Online” into the search box on Google, or any other search engine, and you come up with over 24 million searches. Try the same technique for “Make Money Online” and your search level increases to over 50 million.

To say this is a popular search term is an understatement. It looks as if everyone, and their uncle and aunt, is trying their hardest to lure you into their internet marketing web of business opportunities. Your biggest challenge if you’re looking for money-making business opportunities, is to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And, believe me, you’ll find them all. “Internet land” is swarming with every conceivable opportunity you can imagine. Just click on any of the seductive offers, or leave or name and email address, and you can easily find yourself sucked into a rabbit-hole filled with enticing offers, and many shiny possibilities. For only one dollar you can try the product or service for a week or a month, simply leave you credit card information.

With all these shenanigans how do you avoid some of the deadly mistakes that are so easily and unknowingly made? Let’s look at three that will help you be a more discerning seeker of online moneymaking business opportunities:

1. Scrutinize

Before jumping into any tantalizing opportunity, however tempting, scrutinize the Internet for information. Any reputable company will have plenty of data available. Obviously, if you can’t find any information, this is a sure sign to take your money, and business elsewhere. The wise old saying “look before you leap,” is extremely relevant here.

2. Time limits

One of the clever ways to get you to act quickly, is to give you a limited time offer. For example, “this special offer ends at midnight,” or “this offer is only available for the first 100 people.” This could definitely be a rouse. The seller wants you to take action now, because chances are that you are unlikely to come back to the website once you leave. Resist the temptation and refer back to deadly sin number one.

3. Trial offers

Trying a service for a dollar seems harmless enough, however, forget that you signed up, and your credit card will be charged monthly until you cancel, whether or not you use the service. If you decide to part with any credit card information for a trial offer, immediately make a note on your calendar to reassess whether you want to continue the service within the time period stated. For example, if it’s a week’s trial, on day six, consider how you want to continue. Very few companies, often only the reputable ones, refund your money if you forget to cancel once your credit card has been charged.

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