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Article by Karen Davis

How to Make Money Online: Make Others Successful

During these difficult financial times, many people are trying to figure out how to make money online. Many have lost their jobs because their firms have folded, while others have had to suffer earnings cuts or the investments they had been relying on went bust. Whatever your reason is, you are among many wanting to find out how to make money online as quickly as possible with your own online business.

If you intend doing it the normal classical way, you have several options starting with the popular affiliate marketing. Most people know what that is: you sell products belonging to other people and get a commission for doing so. If the products can be delivered online, such as eBooks or software, your commission can be as high as 50% and more. Sounds great!

However, try it! You will soon find that irrespective of the product you are trying to sell, another thousand or so people are also trying to sell it, and the market is practically saturated. So what other options do you have? Network marketing is one: another name for network marketing is multi-level marketing. Unless you join a program right at the start it is not possible to make money without recruiting others that will lose theirs to you. The vast majority that start of full of hope thinking they have found the ideal way of how to make money online, lose their money and this is not an option if you want to make enough money to live on.

You could try to make money by answering surveys, but that will only provide you with a few hundred dollars a month at most. Perhaps you have a product or skill you could sell yourself? There is long learning curve involved here, and it is unlikely you will be successful within your first year if you last that long.

Some people try franchises, but they can be very expensive, and you have a lot of work to do before you make anything for yourself. On top of that you are restricted in what you can do with franchises: there are generally standards you have to meet, and woe betides you if you can think of a way to do it better.

No, unless you are very lucky and have a lot of money to fall back on if you fail these are not the way to make money online. They are the most frequently used, and can earn you small amounts but not enough to live on as an alternative to the day job unless you are very lucky.

There is no getting over the fact that 99% of people who start full of hope fail to make enough money online to keep themselves. They might make enough for a few nights out a month, but no more. So what are your other options? There is a quick answer to that: create a way for others to make money. People will pay in order to make money – right now! That’s the key. They have to be offered the chance to make immediate money or they won’t be interested, and if you can do that then both they and you will benefit from it.

It could be argued that if you know enough to teach others to make money online then you should be able to do it yourself, but that is not necessarily the case. What you must do is provide the tools that people can use to make money, and then the products that they can sell. One of the major secrets of making money online is duplication.

Find a way to make money and then do it again and again and again. Alternatively find multiple ways of making money: multiple streams of income are the key to online success. Make average amounts of money from each of several different sources, and your averages sum up to lots. Charge a small sum to explain money-making techniques to others, but chare that small sum to a large number of people.

It would also be useful to be able to introduce others to what you are doing, and get paid commissions on what they sell. A bit like affiliate marketing but better. Ultimately what it amounts to is earning money from multiple sources, or multiple streams of income as they are referred to, and also be able to introduce others to the program and make money from their efforts.

Ultimately, it is not what you make yourself that necessarily counts, but how much other people will pay you to find out how to do it themselves.

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During periods when money is scarce and cash flow even scarcer, it is important to be able to make money online almost at will. While some seem able to do that, most cannot, and an understanding of internet marketing and how to use multiple streams of income will be extremely useful to you when you need it.

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