How To Make Money On The Internet! Do Some Failures  

Article by Juhani Tontti

Do not missunderstand me. If you ponder how to make money on the internet, the solution is never by doing failures, but that failures are part of every success. They preceed them. What I am trying to tell is, that you have to take the failures as parts of the successes and they do not disturb you so much.

Actually it is impossible to plan how to make money on the internet with everything you do, because it is not your decision, whether the operation will be a success or a failure. Many things influence on that. The only way to decide successes are the strategic level, because on that level one detail does not influence so much.

1. Planned Failures.

Actually these should be called planned operations, which lead to failures. Let us take an example. You have thought <u>how to make money on the internet</u> and started to write optimized articles. You study how to do that, set targets, pick keywords, write and distribute the articles but you just do not reach the targets.

Was it your failure? Should you quit from your business? Should you stop thinking how to make money on the internet? Well, let us think the issue deeply. You studied and planned your campaign according to the rules. For some reason, your site did not appeared on the first page of Google with the chosen keyword.

I can tell you, that it was not your fault. For some reason, it just did not happened. It is very discouraging to see the results, but you have to see the whole thing as a part of a bigger process, as a part of the bigger results. These campaigns are like whatever advertising campaigns, with which the marketers try to make the audience responsive to their messages. Many times it does not succeed, but they will still continue to do so, because most of them are successes.

So they know from the books and from their own experience, that the more they promote, the better results they will get. And that is also the way how to make money on the internet. If you quit, the business is gone forever.

2. Accidental Failures.

Very common way to fail is not to plan the operations. In this case, you have earned the failure. You have asked that and you got it. To trust on a good luck or to an accident is not the way how to make money on the internet, because the internet marketing has certain rules, which you have to follow in order to make it.

I think I have explained, what I mean, when we speak about failures. The formula to success is that first you have to study, then to train and train and once more to train. The online marketing is a learning by doing operation, where details and styles and images matter. These soft things are hard to learn and it takes time before you will master them.

When you now think this marketing process, you understand easily, that failures are spices in this soup and they are necessary, if your plan is to find out how to make money on the internet. Actually, when you fail, you have found out one way how not to make money on the internet.

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