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The days are over for those who think they can just create any site and call it an automated online business. Nowadays, you have to think hard if you want to create a business online and make a profit from it. Here are the steps on how to make money on the internet:1. Create An Email DatabaseYou need to create an email database and email follow-up system. This is one of the best ways to market on autopilot. You are putting your marketing on remote control by Maintain a list of customers and subscribers and send them promotional emails at regular intervals. This way you are putting your marketing on remote control.2. Use Automated Marketing MethodModern marketing methods for getting new clients, monitoring leads and sales are pretty much automated. And these require only a weekly or monthly maintenance. Pay per click advertising, pay per view advertising, banner ads, and co-registration marketing are a few examples of automated marketing. These methods require you to a one time campaign set-up and get traffic ongoing at autopilot. This method is a great help in how to make money on the internet fast and efficiently13. Outsource And Outsource Some More!Try not to be “hands on” if you can once your business is established. Designate handling customer complaints to trained virtual assistants or customer service personnel. Outsource tasks like bookkeeping and even creating content. The more mundane work you assign to others, the more time you will have to focus on important activities that will make a difference to your bottom line figures. It also gives you more free time to do anything you want, rather than slaving away at the computer.There are still other things to consider in how to make money on the internet. These are the 3 main ideas for creating an automated online business that will run smoothly.

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