How to Make Money on the Internet?  

Article by Tom Horton

How to make money on the internet is a burning question in the hearts of many newcomers to the online business world.

There are so many “so called” ways on how to make money on the internet but how many of them actually work?

The ways that most people follow are affiliate marketing, or create their own digital products to have someone promote for them, some people make contacts in business forums to promote their products there or participate in joint ventures with other marketer’s for the sole purpose of building their “list”.

There are many many ways to make money on the internet but my experience comes from joint ventures, list building, affiliate marketing and keyword research.

Before I talk about Joint Ventures, first you must understand what a “list” is. You will always hear top marketers say “the money is in the list” and to be perfectly honest with you they are right.

New comers wanting to make money on the internet usually are led to believe that it is easy to make money on the internet.

Online business is the same as offline business, it takes hard work and effort. The online world maybe glamorous to some people because it is a new thing they are trying out.

So people wanting to make money usually get directed to digital products so they can become an affiliate for the product and gain a commission every time someone buys it through the link they are given to promote.

This is all good but when you get a link for an affiliate product, the link looks very long and to be honest nobody is going to click on it. But these new guys don’t realise this and they spend days,weeks, months trying to sell something that no one will click on anyway.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a customer base that you can send your products to via email?

That’s what a list is.

How to make money on the internet #1

Build a list.

A customer or subscriber base that you can build by offering incentives for people to join your list. You can provide training courses, newsletters, free software and ebooks with giveaway rights, anything that you can give away free people love especially if what you are giving away is of good value.

That brings me on to Joint ventures.

How to make money on the internet #2

Joint Ventures.

A Joint Venture or Giveaway is a massive marketing strategy that other marketers put together to help each other build their lists and also teach others how to make money on the internet.

When you join a joint venture you can upload whatever it is that you want to give away, and then promote the event to get as many people involved as possible. This works very well and can make people a lot of money and a lot of subscribers.

I personally enjoy joint ventures because you can join for free and also get your hands on loads of great software, ebooks etc.

How to make money on the internet #3

Keyword research.

This is the most important (i think) of all the ways to make money on the internet.Keywords are what you attach to your ads or blogs or articles that you want to be listed in the search engines for.

The more keywords you have that are targeted towards the main body of whatever your ad, blog,or article is about the more relevant your ads will be to the search engines and then they will be found more easily be other people searching for your ads.

So if your title of your article is “how to stop smoking” then in the body of your article or blog you should have the words “how to stop smoking” incorporated in many sentences when you write your article etc.

Just lately there has been a massive piece of software created that tells you exactly what keywords to use and the amount of searches people make for the different keywords. It also tells you what the competition is and whether or not you will make money from your efforts.

For people who have not got time to create products or join giveaway events to build their lists don’t worry because there is also software that can build your lists very fast and then you’ll be able to promote your products to your subscribers.

The top marketers say that for every one subscriber to your list is the equivalent of 1 dollar per month. So my advice to newcomers is to build your list first and then promote products to that list. I say this because it works.

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