How to make money on eBay  

Article by Chris Bowser

How to make money on eBay

These days, everyone needs to find ways to make a few extra bucks. Whether it’s by working longer hours, taking on an extra job or turning your hobby into a business, we need to find some way of paying the bills. Most of you have heard of eBay and I’m sure many of you have made purchases there. I’m also willing to bet you’ve wondered how people make money there. Well wonder no more. Today, I’m going to show you how to make money on eBay.

The first thing you need to do when you try to make money on eBay is to figure out what products you are going to sell. The best place to start is to look around the house and find stuff you have no use for and to decide what you think its worth. Next, figure out what other people think it may be worth. You can use eBay’s ended auctions listing to find out how much something might be valued at by searching for similar items.

There are also some things that will never sell on eBay and you need to understand what will and will not sell. Obvious example: your kids’ macaroni art from 2nd grade may be priceless to you, but will not be likely to earn anything on eBay. While this is admittedly an overstated example, try to really think if others would want it and then check eBay to see if others are selling something similar and getting money for them.

You should also be aware that certain things, even though I have seen them sold on eBay and they technically do not violate the rules of the site, should never be put up for sale. For example, I once saw a child’s used pair of underpants for sale on eBay. While it did sell (amazingly), I shudder to think what someone might want with them and therefore strongly advice you think twice and three times before selling something you’ll later be embarrassed you sold.Once you’ve identified what you want to sell on eBay, the next thing to do is to take photos of the item. Generally, the best thing you can do is to spread a plain white sheet on your dining room table, put the item in the center of it and then photograph it. Make sure that if it’s something metal the flash doesn’t obscure it too much, while at the same, making sure that the item does get a flash on it, so it’s well lit enough to take a good photo.

The final item you need to know how to do in order to make money on eBay is to write the ad. You should try to make a catchy explanation of your product, while at the same time making certain that you mention all details. If you’re selling an old computer for instance and the keyboard is missing the letter “u,” that is a very important detail to mention. You will also need to decide on your returns policy. You may choose a no returns under any circumstances policy, however most customers will at least want you to say that you’ll take the item back if it’s different than described and offering a 7 days return policy minus shipping is always a good idea.

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