How to Make Money in the Philippines  

Article by Jamie Flanagan

My first trip to the Philippines was in October 2007. I stayed for a month and had a fantastic time. I met a wonderful girl and we are planning on getting married here in Australia in May 2009. Because I loved the Philippines so much I went back another 4 times in 2008 alone.

Each time I was there I thought to myself ‘How can I make money in the Philippines?’ I met loads of guys from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other places from around the world. Those that were already there had to be making money in the Philippines or how would they survive.

There were a lot of guys who were living off their investments at home or surviving on their respective pensions. But the pension option was fraught with danger as a friend recently found out when they cancelled his pension because he was no longer considered a resident of Australia. The main criteria for a pension in Australia.

There were other guys who had jobs, some of which were not too bad, but they were still supplementing their income from Australia, the USA or wherever they originally came from.

Other guys had invested money into small businesses there, which brings me to the reason for the article about how I was going to make money in the Philippines.

One very good friend of mine had put his life savings into a business where he sold supplies in the computer industry for printers and the like. Things were going great until his wife took off with most of his money and basically destroyed his business over night.

He then spent what he had left and started working as a Bar Manager. Good work if you can get it, but lousy pay if the bar is not huge. Most of the bars now employ locals and pay them a very small wage. So where is that friend now? He is living with his wife’s parents back in the province, broke and with no prospects.

There was no way I was going to quit my good paying job here in Australia and move in the hope I could make money in the Philippines. I needed something else. Something from home that would provide me an income!

Well ladies and Gents I found it!

I discovered internet marketing. I can sit on the beach with my computer, or even at the end of a bar do some work tweaking my business every day and I can make money. I can do this in the Philippines or any other place I choose to live.

Working with the internet allows me to work from anywhere in the world and earn an online income that is completely safe from any of the dramas that befell my unfortunate friends. How much money I make is totally reliant on the effort I put into my business.

Are you really interested in making money online? In the Philippines or anywhere else.

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About the Author

Jamie Flanagan is an internet marketer who specialises in reviewing products that are close to his heart. Having dreamt of ways to make money from anywhere in the world and developing a passive income, then researching what are the best scam free ideas, he is well qualified to share his knowledge in online marketing.

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