How To Make Money From Your Website Part 1  

Article by Mark Voce

How do you actually make money from your website? You’ve no doubt heard people telling you that it is easy to make money from your website. Everyone knows someone who says they have done it and of course we are aware of the internet marketing gurus who make a living from their website.

But how do you do it. What if you don’t have a vast range of products and a e-commerce site to boot. What can you do? Well I am going to give you some examples that are used by the top internet marketers and gurus.

First we must understand the concept of how to make money from your website. You cannot simply drive people to your website if there is nothing for them to buy or invest in. Likewise having lots of fancy products; no matter how good they are, yet having no visitors or traffic to your site will not yield good results.

In order to make money from your website you need both items, content and traffic. What is content? Content is the copy on your pages, your images, videos, MP3s anything that may be of interest to a potential customer. Although its not just as simple as putting up a product and a buy it now button, you have to give the viewer something.

If you are selling a product you need to explain to the customer what it does and how its going to help them. The best way to do this is to write reviews, case studies, comparisons or to produce video or audio presentations or tutorials to tell people about the product. People like to buy from people, if they can see your face or hear your voice you instantly seem more credible and the customer is more likely to buy from you.

Now OK, I have mentioned the word product in the last few paragraphs, I know you don’t necessarily have your own product. Don’t worry you don’t need one. Yes thats right you don’t need your own product. Why! Drumroll please… You can sell somebody else’s product that right, you can sell someone else’s product and they will happily pay you for doing just that.

Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing, the first way I am going to show you how to make money from your website. The premise is simple, you advertise a affiliate product on your website and when a visitor on your website clucks on your affiliate link the seller knows where the sale came from and will give you the commission.

The amount of commission varies from product to product you sell but tends to be between 50% and 60% of the sale price. You can be paid in a variety of ways such as online payment or a good old fashioned cheque.

In my next tutorial I will take you through how to pick out the best affiliate products to sell.

If you can’t wait go to for more the next article and learn How To Make Money From Your Website.

I wish you the best of success.

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