How to Make Money From Stock Trading in a Day  

Article by Maggie Jams

Have you ever wondered in you could really make a lot of money from stocks in a day. Well look no further because, I am going to show you how to make money from automated stock trading in a day. I have to admit that I am a big stock geek and I love going into my account and buying stocks and than hopefully trading them with a nice payout. But with the way the economy is right now you have to be very care full. That is why when I saw this web page on how to make money from automated stock trading in a day, I was a little wary until I saw the video on live time that made me think that this could actually work. What happens is the automated robot has a database of chart patterns. So each day, the robot downloads data from the stock market. Then uses this data to construct a chart of each stock from the past 7 days. These charts are then referenced against the encrypted trading patterns held in the robot’s database. If in the last 24 hours a stock has formed a price pattern, which matches one in the robots database the robot will than start investigating that particular stock in more detail. When a stock forms one of these stock patterns, they usually rise some within hours. They are extremely safe trades because; these patterns only lead to 20 or 30% gains. These robots do not take big risks, just enough that you make some extra cash. After reading this you can see how to make money from automated stock trading in a day. But if you are still a little wary my advice is to look at the link below and actually see for yourself the actual live video that shows you how to do it.

About the Author

I am a big stock market geek, and love to find new ways to beat the system so to speak. That is why I wrote this article on How to Make Money From Stock Trading in a Day, and if you follow this link Click Here you will find more information on stock trading.

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