How to Make Money From Home With Your Own eBay Affiliate Store  

Article by DesDrec

Making money online is not a hard thing to do but it does take some commitment and time. The trick is to know what you want to do and to go for it. Now, this goes the same for working from home. A number of people think the

people working from home don’t have jobs, but if you’re working from home and earn money it is a job. The question is how to make money from home with your own eBay affiliate store?

You’re probably wondering where you need to start, and it may be a possible option for you if you’re looking to leave your current job. My advice would be, before looking to do this you make sure that you have some other income source working for you.

Starting any new business is going to be a risk, and an online business is no different.

Have you heard of a affiliate marketing.? This is the process of promoting a product that has either been written or designed by someone else and taking a share of the profit.

Sometimes as high 75% which is unbelievable. Let’s look a bit deeper. You get to work from home, and that home can be anywhere in the world.

There are several products on the market at the moment that will allow you to have your own eBay affiliate store and one of those is called “Build A Niche Store”.

The set up process is really easy:

1.There’s a setup area within an admin panel where you build your basic store. You can choose which niche you want to build your store to target, for example you may want to promote items such as cameras to toy model railways. It’s completely your choice. Each of these stores allows you to input your affiliate ids and decide on how you want to display your stores products.

2.You can build your store around one or more eBay category numbers.

3. You can build a store using keyword search queries.

4. You can even build a store around your own eBay seller id. The list goes on…

The important thing here is that each and every product shown will be making you money if somebody click on a specific product link. The beauty about this is, if someone clicks on one of those links and doesn’t purchase that specific product buy find something else they prefer on eBay, you’ll still be credited with a sale and a commission will be made. How cool is that!

You can probably appreciate that this is just an introduction to running an eBay affiliate store and there are several more option for you to choose from. Unfortunately far to many article. However, you can learn more about how I do it since I’ve just completed my brand new guide to making money on eBay:

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DesDrec teaches and consultants with small business owners and would be entrepreneurs how to fully leverage the great marketplace that is eBay. DesDrec says, “If you have the desire and will to succeed online then I can give you the tools to be successful.”

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