How to Make Money From Home Part 5  

Article by Kenneth L Edwards Jr

“Hot Market” + “Hot Product” = Money

In How To Make Money From Home Part #4, I taught you how to pick the right market first.

That’s most important.

Once you have picked a “hot market” that is in an area that you are passionate about, in a business that is built around your strengths, and is inline with your vision, you need to match that market with a “hot product”.

Focus on Specialized Information Products…

Like eBooks, eManuals, eReports, eVideos, eMembership sites, and et cetera.

Why Information Products?

* High mark up (93-97% profit margins)

* Don’t need inventory (electronic, print on demand)

* No Experience needed (based on your passions, experiences, and strengths)

* No large upfront cost ( for domain, for hosting or you could start for free with

* Part time or full time (can be automated and is scalable)

* Can be instantly downloaded on the Internet (giving immediate solutions to people looking for immediate answers)

* Your information can be tailored to exactly fit any niche.

* Can get started today and have a real business up and running and making money within 7 days.

* Most importantly, it can be tailored and targeted to any market’s biggest or greatest pain or frustration to solve any problem exactly…it’s the perfect product.

Exchanging solutions for money is so sooo easy when you find what your potential market “already wants” and you can give them “exactly” what they have already proven to want right now…

…But the key here is not just finding what people want, but matching those wants with solutions that you are capable and excited about solving.

When you do this, you’ll find enjoyment and passion in life that you never knew existed. You’ll find the hidden motivation for both life and business that you never knew you could have.

It’s just a simple change, a simple tweak, and you’re on your way.

Kenneth Edwards

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