How to Make Money From Home on Your Computer – Using Little To No Money  

Article by Ana Anderson

So you’d like to make money from home on your computer? And you’d like to start with little to no cash out of your pocket? Well, making money on the internet this way is easier than you might think! Many people have the false impression that an online business will take a lot of money, or may require some sort of business loan. However, it is possible to start your online business and start with very little to no money, as long as you have access to a computer with internet connection.

– Your local community college, vocational school, university, or library will usually have a computer lab. If you have access to these facilities, then guess what?! You have access to a computer and you can literally get started with nothing!

– Now take note that I said you can start your online business with little to no MONEY – however, it will take an INVESTMENT on your part. You will have to invest your energy, skills, and time. If you are really ready, willing and able to research and spend the time necessary to work on your business every day – you will be successful.

– One popular way to do this is to set up a free blog at or a lens (which is just another word for “page”) at and market or review other people’s products. Step-by-step instructions for setting up your blog or lens is included when you join these sites.

– Basically, what you will be doing now is reviewing or marketing (or both!) other people’s products either on your blog or a Squidoo lens and making cash every time somebody goes to your site and decides to make a purchase. This is with you spending nothing to do this, except for the time it takes to advertise your blog or lens.

– Next, you will market or advertise your blog or lens by writing articles (like this one!) which provide information and help people who are looking for answers to problems that are directly related to the products you are marketing.

– For example, if you are trying to market an ebook on how to make money by starting a scented oils business, you might write an article related to the product – something like: “The 3 Simplest Ways to Make Your Own Homemade Scented Oils”. Then at the bottom of your article invite the reader to visit your lens or blog for more info. This will attract readers to your site where they will hopefully purchase and then this is how you make money!

See it really is possible to make money from home on your computer and start with little or no money!

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