How to Make Money From Home on Your Computer – In as Little as an Hour  

Article by Ana Anderson

When I first started out attempting to learn how to make money from home on my computer, it seemed like there were a vast number of internet programs available to me. In fact, if you do a simple search on Google or Bing, you will find that there are numerous part-time, home-based-businesses that are turning ordinary people into millionaires.

Many of these income opportunities are legitimate, fun, simple, and require nothing more than a few hours of your time a week. In addition, a number of these businesses require just a small, initial investment and no prior experience.

So, you are probably asking yourself – what’s up? What’s the catch? Well, you guessed it – yes, there are definitely strings attached….

First, as is so often the case, worry, doubt, and fear are the greatest dream stealers. People tend to use all types of excuses… “I don’t think I could really do that” or “I probably wouldn’t have the time” or “What would people think?”. Worry, doubt, and fear are the most self-defeating emotions in our lives.

Think about this…what would happen if you suddenly decided to just go for it. What if you decided to kick worry, doubt, and fear to the curb and just pick a trustworthy, credible, ethical, home-based or online business? Do you realize it would be possible for you to experience financial freedom in as little as one hour a day?

You wouldn’t have to take a great big risk – we’re not talking about you quitting your job, or changing careers here. We’re just talking about you taking the time to pick something you would like to try. Really take some time and research what’s out there, look for reviews, talk to other home based and online business owners, visit forums or message boards that are geared toward these types of businesses. Ask around. Be willing to try something different. Listen with an open mind. But pick one, and decide to start.

Now here comes the catch: You have to actually spend a complete, uninterrupted, hour – every single day – actually doing the most productive part of this new business.

– You must do this without worry, doubt, or fear!

– You must not worry about the outcome, doubt that you can do it, or fear what people are thinking about you.

– You will not use this time to think about your failures, or worry that you don’t have the time, or that this just isn’t like you.

– You will spend this hour doing the most important part of your business. No busy work! If the most important part is writing articles, you will spend the major part of your hour writing articles. If the most important part is sending out emails, you will be sending out emails. If it’s making phone calls, make the phone calls.

– You do not have to go over your agreed upon hour by even one minute if you don’t want to. But you must commit to not less than one hour – one focused, honest hour.

I would have to say that if you choose one business that you truly love and enjoy, and you consistently and faithfully work your hour, doing the most important parts of your business, you will experience success. Why within 2 short years you would be well on your way to financial freedom.

There you have it! Say goodbye to worry, doubt, and fear – and in as little as one hour a day – you could be making money from home on your computer!

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