How To Make Money From Affiliate Programs  

Article by Craig Summer

There are an ever-increasing number of companies and traders using the marketing power of affiliates as a way of promoting their products or services. The way it works is that a company recruits affiliate marketers and provides them with promotional materials they can use on their websites or blogs. Within these materials is a code so that if a visitor clicks on a link and goes to the companies website and buys something, the affiliate will earn a commission.

Many people are making a successful living from affiliate marketing and adopt special techniques to attract visitors to their web site. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this, after all the buyers are looking for the products or services they buy. Often the affiliate marketer will make the online shopping experience better for the customer. They may provide product comparisons to help the buyer decide which kind of a product to buy. They may provide additional specialist information about the product, or enable visitors to give their own product reviews.

One tactic many affiliate marketers employ is niche marketing. This is because it is very difficult for someone working from home to compete against major online retailers. Most people search for their intended purchases use a search engine like Google. When people put in a broad search term then the larger online websites will invariably come up at the top of the results list. Niche marketers will concentrate within a more tightly defined niche. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Imagine somebody is looking for a fishing rod. A google search for fishing tackle returns over 4.5 million results

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