How to Make Money Fast and Get Rich  

Article by David Wearmouth

How to Make Money Fast and Get Rich

The Rules of Success

The first rule of success in making money fast … you do not talk about success.

The second rule of success in making money fast … you do not talk about success.

The third rule of success in making money fast … you do not follow rules.

As an entrepreneur, you are free to do anything you wish but there ARE penalties for certain behaviours. Not penalties issued by men or women, but penalties that are dished out by reality. Let me elaborate a tad…

Left completely to chance, bad luck usually outweighs good luck many times over (Haven’t you noticed that?). This is a fact of life. Those who pretend otherwise will sooner or later be forced to realise the truth by reality.

The purpose of life is to turn those odds in your favour so that your good luck usually outweighs your bad luck many times over.

Now, a large percentage of your bad luck is created by your actions. Similarly, a large percentage of your good luck is also created by your actions.

The rest just ‘happens’.

To turn the odds in your favour, you should ideally stop doing the things that create bad luck and start doing the things that create good luck.

Success Code Rules and Directives

There are certain Success Code Rules and Directives that are a set of behaviours that minimise bad luck and maximise good luck to those who practice them. They are long term behaviours that all allegedly ‘lucky’ people practice, as in you do not see immediate gains but you always win in the long term. As time goes by, if you practise rules such as these, you would notice more and more good luck and less and less bad luck happening to you.

Given this knowledge, you should always follow these rules through thick and thin although you might disagree with some of them. There are one or two of these rules in particular that look as though they’re wrong because everyone’s doing the opposite and the opposite is seen as desirable. But what everyone else is doing leads to a dead end. When you reach a dead end, you have to retrace your steps, go back to the beginning and start again. This is painful. This is where a lot of people are heading. You don’t want to be one of them.

Every single HUGELY successful entrepreneur in history has followed Code Rules and Directives. If they didn’t, they soon learnt to.

To make the big money, you have start thinking of a product/service that people WILL want and apply the rules and directives for making money. The ONLY way to think of a product/service that people WILL want (because you can’t read people’s minds and you couldn’t ask them because they wouldn’t know), is to think about what YOU need that ISN’T available.

Money comes from products/services.

Products/services come from work and innovation.

Innovation comes from knowledge. Trying to think of something that people want hurls you into a hugely competitive market where the ‘pie’ is dwindling and the market share of the pie is getting more and more pathetic by the minute.

Passion for a product/service is critical to your enjoyment of selling it… which will show in the way you sell it. So the thing you need that isn’t available MUST be in a market that you yourself participate often.

For instance, if you create a DVD that has valuable information for a large market that isn’t available anywhere else, you WILL generate a TON of money!!!

If you look at a large market and ask yourself the question “What do I need that isn’t available?” the opportunities for you are UNLIMITED and UNTAPPED and LOW RISK and, if you create a DVD for example, it will mean HIGH RETURN!

These will be your first steps to learning to making money and getting rich fast.

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