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Article by Carla M.

Need a little extra money? That seems to be the song sung by most people in this recession we’re currently living in. There are several ways to make a little extra money. Some require time, some require creativity, and some may require thinking outside the box.

That’s not to say making extra money will be easy or quick – a lot of legitimate money makers require that people put themselves out there. The following are some quick tips on making a little extra pocket money.

There are different sources online that are legitimate ways to make money. The problem is finding the ones that will work. Then, it takes time and commitment that many people don’t want to put their time into. If you focus, work hard, you may find online sources that will pay off. One of these sources is – a cell phone text answering service. A person can text to ChaCha a question from any cell phone, and it’s answered by a live person. That live person would be you! It’s considered contract work – they pay you per question answered. It also won’t pay a lot per question answered – about three to twenty five cents per question depending on which job you have. But depending on how fast you answer questions (which with practice, can be within seconds), you can accumulate quite a bit of money.

A way to make some extra money in the non-virtual world, you can try your hand at a part time job or a temp job. A part time job is a way to earn extra money and you would still be able to look for the full time job of your choice while staying afloat. has come full and part time jobs that you can peruse.

Another way is to consider temp work. It’s a nice way to get your foot into different types of work available without getting stuck there for years. Some temp works give benefits to their workers within days of hiring them, and some temp jobs will offer a lot of money for the temp workers. If you’re haven’t decided what type of job field you want to go into yet, temping can not only give you an idea of different fields you might like to try (and not try), and you can pepper your resume with new skills which will make you favorable for the next full time job you apply for.

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About the Author

A recent graduate, and recently unemployed due to her graduation status, Carla has experience with not having a job and needing to make a little extra money. The following are just a couple of tips she had picked up.

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