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Article by Felix C. Guerrero

MORE THAN 3,000 SUCCESSFUL PERSONS HAVE USED IT ALREADY TO LAUNCH SUCCESSFUL EXPORT-IMPORT BUSINESSES IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA AND MEXICO. MY ‘HOW-TO’ METHOD SHOWS YOU HOW. Get this “how-to” method fully recorded in session, printed and outlined in a manual to use at home, in the office or to train employees. It shows you……how to locate overseas buyers for U. S. products. …How to find U. S. products to sell overseas. …It give you a review of the U. S. export regulations and where to get details about licenses, if and when applicable. My “how-to” method shows you how to organize your business and where to register, if registration is needed. It shows you how to fix a price to make money. It shows you how to find buyers in the U. S. for imported products. It is a proven method now used by more than 3,000 successful exporters and importers who use these techniques throughout the U.S.A. and Mexico.

THIS IS A PERFECT AFFILIATE MARKETING OPPORTUNITY. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how to make money in your own Export-Import Business with Web Marketing. This is probably the only simply written method, with specific steps to take and the name and address of current critical sources of information to help you launch your own small or large Export-Import Business.

This is not “theory”, nor is it an ‘encyclopedia’ of data. It is a highly direct and recommended consultation, written and outlined in an e-manual for you. It is a personal conversation as if you were sitting here with me putting your own business together step-by-step!THE MISTERY IS OUT BUT THE MISTIQUE REMAINS. The business of Exports and Imports has always created visions of mystique, foreign intrigue and Bogart in a trench coat standing in the shadows of the London Fog.

There really is nothing of this in today’s globalized business. The worldwide Web has even made it simpler:…One can place an order by E-mail and have it in the hands of the shipper in less than five minutes. …In the old days of 30 years ago, one had to use Air Mail with 15 to 25 days to get there, if any. …Twenty-five years ago it was the Telex machine, a large contraption with a keyboard, words typed on a ‘ticker’ tape which was then ‘clipped’ to a little ‘gizmo’ and sent to the shipper with delivery of 24 to 36 hours, if any. …Twenty years ago, the FAX machine arrived, with speed, plain language use and instantaneous delivery, if no interruption occurred or if the recipient’s line was not busy, which frequently was. ,,, These old ways cost a lot of money, made a lot of work and took time to get there!

THE WORLDWIDE WEB MAKES OLD WAYS OBSOLETE. Internet Marketing brings everything to your screen at once at little or no cost. …To buy, you need No Air Mail, No Telex, No Fax, No Delay; and, no cost! …To sell, you need no printed brochures, no catalogues, no postage, no mass mailings….There are no delays to ask our client to buy your stuff. …With a little writing or design skill, and PowerPoint or Publisher, you can whip up a brochure or a flyer as good as any printer ever did. …You can get the sales pitch out to one or a million prospects instantly. …The cost is nil or minimum. …Or, you can put it up as a Web page and bingo you are in front of all the prospects you’ll ever want. …That is called Internet Marketing. …You can as easily and quickly reach a client at Timbuktu as at Notrees, Texas. . ACT NOW! Order direct from the author, a successful exporter-importer, consultant and business platform speaker [that is me of course].

This e-manual comes packed full with practical tips on “how-to” get your money-making Export-Import business moving fast, by a well known international business practitioner. It is a perfect business for Internet Marketing. In summary, it tells you:

…How to organize the Export-Import Company …Types of business organization, partnership, corporation, LLC …Outlines U. S. Export Regulations, if and when applicable …How to find overseas buyers for U. S. Products …Outlines U. S. Import Regulations, if and when applicable …How to find overseas products to sell in the United States…It gives you the names of large potential buyers in the United States…How to prepare sales promotion pieces, letters and brochures Internet Marketing of U. S. and imported products …And, Many Other Gold Mines of practical tips and information!

And, remember: Click:! Read every page on my website before you leave me. Before you buy from any one else – make me one last visit.

Do yourself a favor – start your Export-Import Business here.

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Here is to your success!Felix C. Guerrero Business ConsultantAffiliate Web marketing ConsultantPlatform Speaker Successful Export-Import Entrepreneur

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US Air Force Veteran – KoreaBBA’55 Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas MBA Finance ’62 Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico Senior Officer – US Foreign Commercial Service 1968 – 1988Consultant to Management, Affiliate Marketing Consultant, Platform Speaker, Export-Import Consultant/Entrepreneur

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