How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer  

Article by Gabriel Johnson

Are you looking to learn how to make money as an affiliate? Working as an affiliate marketer requires you to be dedicated and willing to learn. Since the internet is a growing knowledge tree that branches out even more everyday. Finding ways to make money online is probably the one thing that you will find very easily and that is where the easy part ends. I don,t mean to sound negative but once you pick a product/service to promote as an affiliate then the work really begins.

Some Sites Teach You How to Make Money as an Affiliate

If you are new to internet marketing then one of the best ways to start your internet venture is with premade affiliate websites. Alot of these companies provide training but the training levels will vary drastically from one opportunity to the other. Finding a site that will lead you from the starting line to the finish line is an undertaking in itself. You must do some shopping and comparing until you find a company that has all the tools to help you learn how to make money as an affiliate.

Once you have chosen your niche then you must find ways to get youroffer in front of people wishing to see your product/service. These people are interested in what you offer and if you target these peopleyour actual conversions are higher. Keywords are how you start getting your offers to targeted prospects.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Using Keywords

As an example I will use the video gaming niche, but this will work in any niche market. First, what would you search for if you were looking to buy a videogame? Videogame is the first one that pops into mind, so that is probably a high competition keyword which takes alot more work to start getting search engine rankings. Use some alternative keywords that relate to the main keyword. Example: used games, buy games,new videogames, videogame systems and the list goes on. There are keyword tools for you to use to get keyword ideas plus show a competition score. The lower the competition usually means less searches per month. Less searches means it is easier to get a first page position.This is only a starting point on how to make moneyas an affiliate marketer. Keyword research is one of the mostimportant steps and can give you free traffic if done properly.

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