How to Make Money — Making Extra Money By Playing to Your Strengths   

Article by Alan Lim

When you set out to learn how to make money, it’s important that you pick and choose work that fit your personality, experience and abilities to help you making extra money.

Learning how to make money successfully is not that difficult when you put your mind to it in making extra money. One of the important things to remember is to understand yourself and your personality so that the work you choose will be something that you not only can do easily, but that it is something that you enjoy doing. The first step is to determine what you like to do and what your strengths are. You can usually get help from a guidance counselor or a career evaluation test either online or in person. Then it is a simple matter of matching your abilities to the available jobs.

Attention to Detail

A person who determines that they like checking the details and double checking to make certain everything is absolutely correct can be a good fit for any number of jobs, but probably the best way to find out how to make money with these characteristics is to find a job where accuracy is particularly important. This is not to say that the more creative jobs are not a good choice, but that a person who thrives on the minutiae of life will probably enjoy the work of database maintenance, numerical record keeping and perhaps editing the work of others more than less structured work duties.


Learn how to make money by using your imagination in your work duties. If you love to create word pictures and to persuade others with your imaginative articles, you should look for jobs that allow you to give free reign to your imagination. Directory sites are always looking for interesting and informative articles to capture search engine spider hits and increase traffic to the related URL. If you are interested in this type of work, look online for freelance project sites that allow you to pick and choose article writing as an income producing career in making extra money.


If you enjoy the work of research for research’s sake you can learn how to make money through any of several work types that involve research. The research may be for the purpose of writing articles filled with valuable information. Researchers are used to describe experiences with various products and services marketed by companies that hire research panelists. Sometimes research can be in the area of compiling data and formulating reports that will help to clarify demographic information. Research can be done online or through other means and is a great way to earn substantial income.


If you can handle the type of work that is highly repetitive, you can learn how to make money in other types of jobs. Rebate processing is just such a career. Other types of data entry and formatting can be quite repetitive in nature, so if you enjoy doing a fairly limited range of tasks over and over, these work choices may be the ideal job for you. Accuracy is important here, as well as in other types of productive work, so you should make certain you can do the repetitive tasks without lowering the accuracy rate. This job also helps you in making extra money.

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