How To Make Money – Buy and Sell Domain   

Article by Kumar Krishna

There are unlimited ways to make money. Buying and selling a website is also a good opportunity. This is very easy and if you like business than you will also like this opportunity.

The method is very simple. You buy an existing website, promote that website and sell them back to the marketplace. You may improve your site design, header, logo and content. You can do submit your site into some search engine, some directory submission and some article submission.

Site improvement is necessary if you want to sell your website for a high price. Buyer will check your site back-links, age, traffic and many other things. So, you should improve site performance.

Do you know how to make money by selling a domain? Firstly, you should buy .com extension domain always. Other extension like .net, .info has been old and not very user friendly. Also, it is best if you promote your domain in a word-press blog. Because word-press is easy to install and you can change design easily. Also, search engine loves blog and better than a site.

New Domain – If you are buying new domain, you should buy domain which contains a keyword. You can use some free tool for research the keywords like Google Keyword, Wortracker and more…Make a list of traffic keywords. Remove the space between keyword phrase and search for domain availability.

Old Domain – If you buying old domain you should check various things that are given below:a) Domain Age – Old domain is better than new domain.b) Back-Links – Benefits for search ranking.c) Alexa Rank – Low alexa is better than high alexa.d) Domain Name – If domain name contains keywords than it is high valuable for ranking in a search engine.e) Fresh Content – Check the content of domain is it fresh or duplicate. Duplicate content is like a spam and domain may be blocked in search engine.

How to Sell Domain – There are many ways to sell a domain. You can list your domain in marketplace, where visitor buy and sell domains.

You can show a message in header section or in other section displaying – “this domain is for sale”. You can also contact some business company related to your domain.

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