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Article by Haavard Lund

This article aims to show you how to make money from home, and it contains no hype or magic formulas. Advertising online can be free, cheap or make your wallet bleed. PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising can be cost-effective and you can be successful with it, but it can also leave you worried sick about the campaign cost. Almost everybody wants to know how to make money from home investing as little as possible, and the answer is not as complicated nor expensive as they may think. Instead of taking chances spending hundreds of dollars on non-productive PPC campaigns, start with free advertising and a cheap affiliate membership that pays itself, then you have one less thing to worry about. When you gain more skills and confidence, you might want to look into PPC advertising, however: Do not dismiss the power of free advertising! It helps many Internet Marketers build a sustainable income, as it can do for you.Regarding how to make money from home, there is no free lunch when it comes to making money online or offline; you need an action plan and to follow it in order to achieve success and make a substantial income. Follow your action plan, even when you feel bored or uninspired. Think of all the times when you just wanted to stay in bed rather than working out, and how great you felt about yourself after pushing yourself through it! Internet Marketing is much the same; You have to keep pushing yourself sometimes, and you will be rewarded for it.The successful online gurus are compulsive goal chasers. They started with educating themselves on how to make money from home and never stopped pushing themselves to reach their goals. By setting realistic goals and following your action plan, you too can create a residual income. It is you who decide whether or not you will succeed, not how much money you can afford to invest. Download and read the e-book titled ““Mind your Mind”“, which is about positive thinking.Your action plan can be simple and easy to follow: Write three articles every day, perhaps something on how to make money from home, submit to at least five of the top directories and tag it with social bookmarking services, OnlyWire being one. Do this every day if possible and your affiliate links will receive targeted traffic every day. For more back-links, join Free Traffic System and use your WordPress blog to let them post content in it. This will give you fresh, unique content for free, and 7% more back-links. It is your choice whether to let them add content to your blog; you still get back-links for submitting your own articles to their network and they offer the easiest possible way to build back-links for your articles.With your daily articles, bookmarks and using Free Traffic System to build back-links, it is time to drive traffic to links that pays you from multiple income streams. This is where you learn how to make money from home using ACME People Search. Sign up at no cost and apply my methods described earlier. You will want to apply proper SEO techniques as well, and I recommend SEO Book for this. Experienced marketers as well as beginners can make a significant amount of money with it, which brings me to the next point.In step Two in your ACME People Search account, the most affordable option is a GDI membership at per month, which includes domain name with hosting, up to ten e-mail accounts with 1GB storage space each and a complete business opportunity. When you write and submit articles, promote your ACME People Search account. How to make money from home when you only promote your ACME link, you may wonder. When I promoted my GDI link, I experienced limited success, if any, but after submitting my first article on ACME People Search, I received several sign-ups with ACME People Search and two with GDI, all thanks to one article promoting ACME People Search only, submitted to only one directory.If you want to learn how to make money from home and earn a residual income online, articles are a great way to build your downlines and income. Use your GDI account to build an eye-catching sales page for ACME People Search, or upload your own People Search engine to domain, like I did. You earn money when visitors use your People Search engine and click on your affiliate links. Then simply write articles, submit and tag it. The key is to be persistent; Submitting one or two articles and then stop will not yield any significant results. Stay with your action plan, continue writing and submitting your articles, and your earnings will increase. Don’t forget to utilize SEO when writing articles, this goes a long way for improving your standings in the search engines.ACME People Search and GDI is a rewarding combination that will help you earn money online even if you are new to Internet Marketing. Write new unique articles, spin and submit to the top directories (GoArticles EzineArticles, Squidoo e.t.c.), social tag it and you’ll have free and targeted traffic from the search engines very soon.Here’s to your success.Haavard L. LundEasy Money Central

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Stop thinking it is difficult to make money online. You can do it, but you must take action and be persistent. Take advantage of my article on how to make money from home. Feel free to ask me anything, I’ll see you there.

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