GTrends Assassin Review — How To Make Money From Waste Domain?  

Article by Joe Drew

Do you want to learn how to make money from waste domains using the GTrends Assassin Software? This is a tool that is capable of generating auto blogs which can make money from Google Adsense, Clickbank and Cost Per Action Offers. It attracts automated traffic and the sites that it generates can be easily customized with the 5 site templates available.

1. What is the GTrends Assassin Software All About, and What Is It Capable of Doing for You?

This tool contains a script that can communicate directly with Google Trends to update itself automatically every hour. It is also able to construct up to 28,000 websites a month by analyzing the most recent searches on search engines.

Since Google Trends reveals what many people are searching for, the content that this software generates from RSS feeds is always what other people are looking for. Using the strategy of targeting long tail keywords, the software is able to create and update the blogs automatically using the specific keywords it has found from Google Trends.

2. Make Money with Waste Domain Using the GTrends Assassin Software?

In my opinion, every Internet marketer should have this tool because there will always be some use for it as long as the marketer registers domains online. It is developed by Carson Rathi, who has specializes in making different types of online marketing media software such as the Quick Video Optin tool. With GTrends Assassin, I can now take full advantage of all my dormant domains and put them to good use to make money for me by monetizing them with the software.

3. How Do You Make Money with the GTrends Assassin System?

There are several business models that this tool has monetize domains with. They include Cost Per Action offers (those that pay you a commission for every signup you generate), Clickbank affiliate products with pay per sale and Google Adsense with pay per click.

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