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It may be helpful for you to understand the relationship between the Internet and the World Wide Web in order for you to get a clear idea of why you need web hosting.

The Internet is not the same thing as the World Wide Web.

The earliest references to the creation of the Internet date as far back as 1957. An actual functioning Internet is believed to have been created in 1969.

There is little argument as to when the World Wide Web was created. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is credited with the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989.

So, it is clear that the Internet existed at least 20 years prior to the World Wide Web. It should also be clear that together they are changing the world. The potential opportunities they present are staggering.

Now, a brief explanation of how they are related. This stuff may seem too technical for you to understand, and you don’t need to know it to run a successful online business, but it is helpful to know if you are going to work on the Internet.

The Internet is a global collection of connected computer networks that transfer data to each other.

These computers use communication methods that were established to properly format and transmit data over the Internet. These methods are called Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP).

The World Wide Web is an application that runs on the Internet.

The programming language of the World Wide Web makes it possible to use text, pictures, video, audio, and hyperlinks on web pages. This makes it much easier for humans to communicate using the Internet.

There are billions of web pages on the Internet.

In order to ensure access to each of these pages, the Internet and World Wide Web work together to deliver amazing results in the blink of an eye.

Listed below is a very simple explanation of how the web works.

  • Web pages are documents created to share information
  • Web servers are computers that store web pages as files
  • Web clients are computers that read the web page files
  • Web browsers are used by web clients to display web pages
  • Websites normally have multiple web pages
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP) will act as host for your website by placing your site on one of its servers for a small monthly or annual fee

Your website must be set up on a computer server if you want it to be visible on the World Wide Web.

Although it is possible to use your own computer as a server it is much more cost effective, and reliable, to use a professional hosting company.

There are thousands of hosting companies around the world. Many of them offer very similar and competitive services.

It is important to get a reliable hosting company that has a history of success.

We recommend Bluehost for the reasons listed below.

  • Providing hosting solutions since 1996
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  • Consistently ranked as one of the top ISP’s
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  • Live chat support
  • High quality equipment
  • Maximum guaranteed uptime
  • Easy to use admin tools
  • They use CPanel as a control panel which makes managing your hosting very easy
  • Free Domain Name Registration

Bluehost is a great choice for both your domain registration and web hosting and as a duly authorized commissioned affiliate I fully endorse this product.

Make sure you have registered a domain name, then go to Bluehost to host your domain.

You will then load the software for your website to that hosted domain via a simple one click install.

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