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Want to earn money online?Tired of searching around for ways to make money and never succeeding?

Stop looking right now and read this, because you can start making money online too!If your looking at this, you’ve probably seen all the paid to click, paid to do this and that on the internet. Well most of the actual paying programs already have so many members that it’s hard for you to get referrals. You need to check these three program out and I promise you will start making money.

Things to do:#1 Download mozilla firefox, as it’s encrypted and will keep your information safe.

#2 If you don’t have anti-virus, download avg free. It’s a free anti-virus.

#3 Get an add-on called no script for firefox. (You can find all three of the first steps by searching for them on google) This will prevent pop-up scripts, so that harmful material cannot load on your browser, keeps you safe while surfing.

Account creation time:#4 Create an account on It’s a site where you can get paid to click, read, signup, promote and exchange traffic in our manual surf.

#5 Create an account on On this site you get paid to post, and you can also learn how to make money online, grow your website and more. This will be useful for promoting your referral links. Plus if you already post in a forum for free, you might as well get paid to do it.

#6 Create an account on On this site you get paid to auto or manually surf other people’s sites. In addition to the money you earn, you also get credits that can be used for visitors at a 1:1 exchange. The money you make from surfing isn’t going to make you rich, but the credits you earn you can use to promote referral links and/or your websites.

#7 (Optional) Download and install the alexa toolbar on This will help your site and other sites in the surfs to gain recognition.

Now you have all your accounts created, it’s time to explain how to you can put this into motion. First you need to seek out other paid to click, paid to promote, paid to post, paid to read, paid to sign up and any other get paid to network. It’s best to find some newer ones, that way there’s alot of room for referrals. Do minimum google research about each, until you have about 10 to start. After you have 10 good programs that you have faith in, head over to earnforums and post them in the proper section. Since the forum is new you will be able to get plenty of referral links in before it gets crowded.

The referrals you gain will earn you a little bit of what each of the members click under you, or whatever type of program it is. Enter all of your urls into the click exchanger of and into the auto surf of Next you can either start promoting the referral links for and in other forums, blogs, classified ads, article submission networks etc and you will get plenty of free credits. At the same time you should be auto surfing on, since you earn free cash doing it and it requires absolutely no work. The credits will automatically apply to your links, so it’ll cycle itself without any work, all you have to do is make sure your computer is surfing.

Before you know it, you will have a ton of website traffic and referrals. Referrals can give you a lifetime of earnings, just think about it like this. Lets say you earn just 0.005 off 1 person for their ad clicks on 1 network per day. That’s 1 penny every 2 days you earn for 1 person. Every 365 days you earn about 1.83$ . Imagine if you have 0.01 per person per day, that’s 3.65$ a year. If you have 100 referral, that’s 365$ X 10 networks = 3,650$ . That’s your earning per year per lifetime! Hold on though, 3,650$ , that’s not alot?? That’s only your level 1 referral earnings, most get paid to programs go down as far as 10 levels! 3,650X10= 36,650$ !! Now that’s tangible earnings there, no crazy 100,000$ a month claims. There isn’t alot of people that make 100,000$ a month let alone a year, the things you see on the internet claiming such they make that much because you spend the money on that product they are marketing to you. Anyway, to see and learn more, just visit the sites, most notably, there’s plenty of discussion about how to make money online there.

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