Fast Money Making Ideas – How to Make Money Being Ahead of the Seasons  

Article by Britt Malka

This is no secret. You probably already know it. People are predictable.

But did you know that it could make you a fortune?

They celebrate either Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Passover, New Year’s Eve, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. – year after year.

You don’t even have to do any guesswork to pick a winner. You’ll know, beforehand, what people will be looking for, so now you just have to offer it to them.

I discovered this baby secret years ago.

My niche was tips about computers and the Internet and, every Friday, I would send out five tips to my list, and then put them online, too. I had a “top ten” list available, so I could follow the success of my tips.

To my mighty surprise, one of the most viewed tips was how a JavaScript with Father Christmas could be used. This tip was amongst the ‘most viewed’, even during the summer time, due to its success before Christmas.

So the following year, I decided to send out one Christmas tip each day for a full month before Christmas.

These same tips are still, many years later, earning me a mint from around November to long after Christmas each year.

So, I repeated this successful strategy; this time before Easter. The same thing happened – a lot of visits, year after year – and a lot of clicks on my ads.

Your niche doesn’t have to be computers or home pages. There are possibilities amongst many other niches. You just have to look for them.

One of the places you can do some research is by using Google’s keyword tool. Type in the name of the season, plus your main keyword, and see if any results pop up.

Another good place to do research is at Google Insights (find it at You can search for time periods and see if there’s any approaching trend of which you can take advantage.

Why before?

Because you will want to have a nice rank in the search engines, and that might take time.

I made a search for Markets 2009 to April 2009 under the category ‘Life Style’, and found ‘Pascoa’, ‘Earth Day’, ‘Easter’,’Mother’s Day’, ‘Passover’ and several others that could be utilized for future income.

Try the same for February, and you will see trending searches for everything from ‘Valentines Day’ to ‘Ash Wednesday’.

So, people are on the look out for more information about the (forthcoming) holidays. Think about the things you yourself want to know about these holidays… How they are celebrated? How to craft something related to them? Or just some tips about them?

Whatever you want to know about them, others want to know as well.

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