What is Recurring Income?

Recurring Income is money received on an ongoing basis for work performed one time.

Can You Give an Example of Recurring Income?

An affiliate marketer advertises a great dating club that charges its members $50.00 per month for valuable dating information and access to potentially compatible dates.  The dating site will pay the affiliate marketer $25.00 per month (recurring income for the affiliate marketer) for every person that signs up as a member of the dating club due to the efforts of the affiliate.  If 100 people join, then the affiliate will get $25.00 per member, per month, for as long as the members pay their dues. That is $2,500 per month recurring income.

What Happens if 500 People Join the Dating Site Due to the Efforts of the Affiliate Marketer?

The affiliate would make $12,500 per month recurring income.  About $150,000 per year, or more, as most affiliate programs pay additional bonuses to affiliate marketers who produce good results.

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is a person or business who markets the products or service of another person or business (merchant) for an agreed fee based on the completion of an action required by a customer.  If an affiliate marketer advertises membership in a dating club and 100 people visit the dating club site – but only 1 person joins the site, then the affiliate marketer will only get paid for the person who joined.  The affiliate marketer will send people to the dating club site but it is up to the dating club to make the sale and provide the product and services advertised.

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