Ebay Workshop – Australian Millionaires To Teach Brits How To Make Money In Their Sleep  

Article by Ian Oh

On February 20th – 21st, Australian eBay millionaires Matt and Amanda Clarkson will run a workshop at the Great Hall, Wembley Stadium to reveal exactly how they made their millions from ebay, and how anyone can do the same.

“Most people think of eBay as a place to sell a few unwanted items, while others use it to add a second stream of income to their existing business,” says Amanda Clarkson, who along with husband Matt has an eBay business now making profit in excess of £430,000 a year. “What they don’t realise is that Ebay can make you thousands and thousands pounds, even while you sleep.”

“But that’s not all,” adds husband Matt Clarkson. “Far too many people spend too much time on ebay administration, meaning they don’t have time to expand their business and make more money. At our Bidding Buzz Workshop we will teach people how easy it is to automate 90 percent of the work, turning eBay into a money-making machine.”

Matt and Amanda teach an easily learnable “eBay Magic” system loaded with tips and tricks that even experienced eBay sellers don’t know about. They are currently using it to make profit in excess of £25,000 a month, and they work for about one hour a day.

“We started doing the Bidding Buzz Workshops around the world because we had so much spare time on our hands, and wanted to give other people the chance to make serious money without working too hard.”

Tickets for the Bidding Buzz Workshop are on sale now for only £97. With “passive income” the buzzword for 2010, Matt and Amanda Clarkson are expecting their Workshop to be well subscribed.

For further information please go to http://theukco.com/events/ebay/bidding-buzz.html or call 0845 230 2022

Please direct press enquiries to 0845 230 2022 or via email on info@theukco.com.

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