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Article by Marcy Amaro

Each day hundreds of people join the search for alternatives to making money from home. While the idea of earning money without having to venture out of your home is extremely enticing, it cannot be denied that only about 95% of the people who try making money from home fail in their attempt. If you’re struggling with your efforts to earn a living from home there are three small things you can do that will help increase your earnings over time. Once you read what they are, you will probably wonder why you didn’t think of implementing them in the first place. Start doing them today and commit to doing them every day for dramatic improvements in your at home income.

1) <u>Set office hours</u>. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying to yourself: “That’s the very reason I started working from home, so I wouldn’t be controlled by set office hours. Well, you still get to set your own hours, but if you establish office hours and stick to them you’ll find that you take your work more seriously and others around you take it more seriously as well. Now allow me a minute to state the seemingly obvious. You have to use your office hours to actually work (not play games, send emails, or goof off on your favorite social networking site). Have a list of monthly, weekly, and daily tasks to perform. If you complete your list for the day, review the work done, and move on to items on your weekly list.

Of course, it should go without saying that quitting once your set hours for work are over is just as important as using your work hours wisely. Don’t overlap work and family time. Remember why you started working from home in the first place. Your family was at the forefront of your entrepreneurial leap, right? So, give them the time their due. If you respect the time that belongs to your family, they will in turn respect your need to work during your set working hours. They know they’ll get your undivided attention when the work day is done. It will also make you take your work hours more seriously since you want to be done in time to be with them. It’s a win-win situation.

2) <u>Draw up a business plan</u>. There are many benefits to having a clear business plan. The two most obvious are that:

a. It gives you a direction to take your business. You don’t have to go for a complicated business plan worthy of someone with an MBA. What you want is a plan you can follow that has a definite direction in which to take your business. The more seriously you take your business the more likely you will be to actually work the plan you create.

b. It forces you to view your at home business more like a real business. Make sure your business plan includes a vision and a mission (where you see your business going and how you plan to get there). This way you will remain focused on the goals at hand when complications and frustrations arise. And, trust me, they WILL come.

3) <u>Take consistent action every day</u>. It is not the scope of the work, but its consistency and focus you put into it that will have the most dramatic effect on your business. You don’t need to do 100 different things. If you only do ONE thing, but do it well, and do it every day without fail, you will see bigger results. Choose two or three areas within your business that you can become an expert in, and focus on those. It is far better to be great at a few things than good, or even worse, mediocre at a lot. The most important element here is that you do not allow yourself to get unfocused. Keep at it until you can complete the necessary tasks with both hands tied behind your back. Then, add one more element to learn and master. Following this approach, you will see how even the most challenging aspects of your business, soon become second nature to you. Once that happens, make sure to help others achieve that same level of competence.

If you create an effective and aggressive business plan (and of course follow it) and combine that with set office hours that you and your family respect and follow, and consistent, profit-producing actions, you’ll see your business grow by leaps and bounds. Not only that, but your family and friends won’t end up feeling neglected as a result of your efforts of making money from home. It all boils down to getting organized and staying focused. The more you look at and treat your home business as a real job, the more productive, and lucrative, it will become. Get your family and friends on the same page as you. Their support and encouragement will do wonders for your ability to succeed. Set high goals, and be persistent. A new, more rewarding life awaits!

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