Can You Make Money From Home Without A Product?  

Article by Ariffin Kasah

Can you make money from home without a product? I’m sure most of you especially newbies have always ask this question one way or another.

But, where’s the market? Are they really hungry for your product?. These are basics and among the most important strategy on how to make quick money online.

When people are hungry what do they do? They look for food right? But when people got problem, they look for solutions to that problem. We need to know who are these people. They are a group of people really in need and desperate for solutions. They have problems which need to solved immediately, which means they want them to be solved easily and at low cost

In the internet world, you may have problems in finding who are these groups of people. In fact there are millions of them. Now how do you find them. The answer lies in the google and other similar search engines. You need to find a niche to target. By using certain keywords you would be able to know what people are looking for. The higher the number of search means the more popular is that particular niche is. This brings us next to the question of can we provide them a product that is so directly related to the niche. There are two ways we can do this – develop the product on our own or you can use other people’s product. If we are thinking about digital product, we can produce our own ebook on how to for example. If we are not good at writing, we can then look for other people’s products in Clickbank especially and offer them what they want. Now, can you make money from home without a product?. The answer is no, not until you market the product the right way.

Marketing the product is the next step you have to take. You of course need your own website for people to see your product. You then need to generate massive amount of traffic and there are proven techniques for generating large amount of traffics, some very quickly and some for free. PPC marketing, blogging, forum marketing, eBay, YouTube, social networking, classified Ads, article marketing – these are just some of the techniques. And finally Putting It All on Autopilot.

Now you got your product and you got your market. Start promoting. I think most of you can now find the answer to the question – Can you make money from home without a product?.

About the Author

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