Bum Marketing – How to Make Money at Home With Affiliate Marketing   

Article by Kerrie Sheehan

Affiliate marketing is a way of selling other peoples products, mainly digital but can be physical products, online for a commission or a percentage of the sale.

Yes you can make money at home just with a computer and an internet connection. However most of those network marketing programs, filling out surveys, clicking on ads for mere cents will not make you a millionaire overnight. In fact nothing will except perhaps a lottery win. However beware of those spam lottery win emails as the only thing you will lose is your identity in pursuit of those millions. Just remember that if someone offers you something for nothing or little effort, there is usually a catch just like in real life.

The easiest way I can recommend to make money online is bum marketing which is a form of affiliate marketing that uses free advertising methods. One of the most popular being article marketing. Here you write articles, similar to the one you are now reading, about tips, ideas or hints on doing things. This article is about “How to Make Money at Home with Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliate marketing is not about selling digital products on eBay as they made changes awhile back, that more or less banned the selling of digital products unless they could be sold as a physical product such as a DVD. It is about selling other peoples stuff for a commission some times as high as 75% of the selling price. You can sell either physical or digital products. Digital products can be found for example on ClickBank whereas physical products can be found on Amazon.

With affiliate marketing all you have to do is find people desperate for a solution to their problem, find a good product to solve it and direct them to the merchants sales page. The merchant takes care of everything else including the delivery, collecting the money, customer service and any refunds.

But how do merchants know who to pay for promoting the sale once the sale has been completed? The best affiliate programs are handled by an independent third party who collects the money and give you your commission. These are usually free to join and some have huge databases of products you can promote and sell.

These third party people will give you an affiliate link which is specially coded so that when your customer clicks on it and makes a sale you automatically get credit for it.

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