Bum Marketing – How Do I Make Money From Home?   

Article by Kerrie Sheehan

The young lass was all teary eyed as she left her job with her pink slip in hand. Sure she had been paid a small redundancy payment but the prospects of getting another job, let alone one that paid as well as that one, were very slim. Unemployment was now running close to 10% as more and more people were laid off in the current recession.

The bus trip home seemed to be the longest trip she had ever made as she pondered her bleak future. Jobs had always been easy to get so if you lost your job there was always another one waiting for you but things had changed. Suddenly she remembered over hearing someone talking about making money online from home. “But how do I earn money online from home?” she thought to herself.

This story is becoming ever so familiar these days and more and more people are asking questions about making money from home instead of a regular job. Let’s face it even in good times not many people actually like their jobs, let alone the daily drive to and from work. However these days people are losing their jobs and cannot find work even for less pay. However people are still making money and in some cases lots of it. One has only to read the recent reports which tell us that 90% of new millionaires are being made from working online.

A word of warning though, not all people working online get rich but a lot of people earn enough in the comfort of their own homes to replace their incomes. It is certainly worth checking out in this current economic climate.

How does one become a successful Internet Marketer?

Well, I would recommend that you start with bum marketing a low cost form of affiliate marketing. Put simply this means that you start by selling other people’s products and therefore do not need any start up capital, website, or computer know how.

So if you can check your email and follow simple instructions you can earn money online from home… thousands of people do exactly that each and everyday day. All you need is a good plan and guide to show you how. I recommend you let someone teach you bum marketing because the learning curve on your own can be quite steep. Once you start and learn a few concepts you are well on your way to earning money online from home.

Just visualize your elated feeling when you see that email notification saying that you have made your first sale. Good feeling, don’t you agree?

You have probably heard about making money while you sleep and thought that would never happen but just imagine making that first sale while you were sleeping. That’s right once set up your online business works while you sleep, holiday or just veg out.

About the Author

So give affiliate marketing a go but first you must set some goals and I suggest you let someone teach you the basics. For more information http://makemoneyonline.keries.com/

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