Beat The Recession – Make Money From Home  

Article by Len Harris

As the economic crisis deepens, job losses, in huge numbers, is the new reality.Under these circumstances, making money from home is a very tempting prospect. Imagine being independent of your employer. Imagine being able to create your own paycheck, at the level you want and knowing that only your effort determines how much you earn.

But is there a real opportunity for the average Joe or Jone to earn from home? Yes! There are many facets to the industry, some of which are providing service,providing product,selling other peoples’ product and providing information.

The use of the Internet opens up a lot of possibilities for Work At Home people. Many businesses are now saving money by employing individuals, who work at home, to provide services online. Examples are researchers, keyboardists and bookkeepers. There is also a need for many other services – too many to mention here. The fact is that anyone who can perform a task at home and upload the results to the employer’s computer is a potential employee.

Some companies outsource different aspects of their production to people who work at home. This is sometimes called piece work but it can be putting together anything for which an assembly line is unsuitable.

For those with some sales skills, acting as a middle man or broker between producers and buyers can be very lucrative. Many producers seek the help of sales personnel to help them move their products. In these times, performance based marketing is an attractive idea for many producers. Performance marketing is a system that only pays when a sale is made. So if no sale is made the producer incurs no costs outside of the production of sales materials. In Internet Marketing this is also called Affiliate Marketing.

For those doing Internet Marketing, the real money lies in providing information.People go online mainly to gather information and to communicate with each other. Witness the success of the search engines Google and Yahoo!Providing information on something about which you are knowledgeable can be a very lucrative endeavour even though you may have to gain some knowledge about the process involved.

There are many books and ebooks on the subject of Internet Marketing but the process canbe boiled down to just a few steps. Find a niche or market in which you are interested. Research that market to see if there is a need that people are prepared to pay to have filled. If there is, create a product to fill that need. Make a website to sell the product. Drive traffic to your website. Deposit your cash!Of course this is an oversimplfication! Each step will have details to master, but essentially, that is all there is to it. Just remember it is not a “get rich quick scheme” even though you might!

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