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Article by Otis Brown, Jr.

It goes without saying that this economy has dampened the hopes and aspirations of people around the world. Savings lost, jobs lost, 401ks lost, homes lost, gas prices skyrocketing out of control and who knows what else is going to happen. I see people who don’t even know how they’re going to make it from day to day. They wallow in despair while our economy is but a shell of what it was just two years ago.In an attempt to help, the Federal Government infused several billion dollars into the economy. It helped a few people. But the status quo remained the status quo. Excessive corporate bonuses have made a mockery out of those of us who struggle to make ends meet. It is simply not fair, but we all know that life if just not fair. Since it is not fair, we can definitely get even, or for that matter – we can get ahead.Here’s how: If any of the above applies to you, it is unequivocal, that you need another source of income. And since the job market is grim; you need a make money from home based business. You need a business that harnesses the power of the internet. Finances notwithstanding, there are two entities out there that are much more important than the economy. Without direct attention to both of them, the world as we know it will not survive. Simply put, the first entity is your health. You will not be able make any money when lying flat on your back. Let’s face it; the demands placed on us to provide for our families make it very difficult to find time to exercise and diet as we know we should. The second entity is the health of the planet. Make no mistake about it; this planet belongs to our children. If we are going to save this planet for them, we must start now. This is why there is a serious undercurrent toward the green movement.These two entities suggest that the green movement will be and is our Saving Grace.I submit to you that in your quest to find make money from home business, you must consider the following:Does the company support the green movement?Does the company combine e-commerce and the environment to promote your health, the health of the environment/planet and your personal finances?Does the Company Harness the Power of the internet?Does the Company Promote the use of Products that are Safe for the Planet and People?Does the Company Eliminates the use of Products Containing Harmful Chemicals?Does the Company Offer Eco-Friendly ways to Live, Shop, Work and Contribute to the Life of the Planet for our Children?Does the Company Promote the Health the of our Planet through a Socially Responsible Online Shopping Community?Does the Company Provide Unlimited Growth Potential with an “out- of- the- box e-commerce Business Model?Does the company support its business owners who desire a green lifestyle of better health and increased wealth? If you decide to choose an eco-conscious business, in your search for a money making home based business, you must ensure that the business values the long term viability of our oceans, forests, air quality, drinking water, even the air we breathe.These are the keys to the future of our planet. See how you can help. Please visit the sites below.

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