3 Tips on How to Make Money Without Money  

Article by Jim Miralles

Is it really possible to make money without money? The answer is yes. There may be a couple of ways to make money without spending a cent but we will be discussing this as applied to making money from home and internet marketing.

Due to hard economic times, a lot of people are looking to make money from home using internet marketing. Below are some tips that can help you make money without spending money.

1. Choose an affiliate program to promote. Affiliate marketing is very popular in terms of making money. With it someone sells a product like an ebook, a nutritional product, or making money from home system, and you promote it. If you are able to sell the product you get a percentage commission. Two of the more popular affiliate programs are clickbank.com and commissionjunction.com. From there you can choose what product you want to sell depending on your passion or knowledge.

2. Use Article Marketing to promote you affiliate product. Article marketing is a free way of promoting something wherein you write an article giving valuable info to your target market and post it in an article posting site and at the bottom you can put a description and link to your affiliate website. With Article Marketing you can get high search engine rankings as long as you do proper keyword research using Google’s free keyword research tool and you post articles on a consistent basis.

3. It would be nice to have a great lead generation program to help you generate your own leads and make money even if your leads do not buy your affiliate product. In a nutshell you are getting paid to generate leads. This may be applicable not only in affiliate marketing but also in mlm and other home businesses.

I believe these are the simplest ways on how to make money without money from the comfort of your home. On a last note, be sure to be consistent in your efforts and be persistent in reaching your goals.

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About the Author

Jim Miralles is a seasoned internet marketer with experience on mlm, high ticket programs and affiliate marketing. He want to share knowledge and experience on starting a home business and lead generation for those with little budget or resources. He discusses free strategies like article marketing to build lists, promote whatever program you may have and how to monetize your leads and convert them to subscribers and customers.

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